Co-op Arena

In Co-op Arena, 3 "Human Players" face waves of Indian Ocean Pirates, throughout 10 Rounds, on 1 of 4 difficulties. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Crushing. Crushing is unlocked once you have completed that map in particular, on any other difficulty.

Rounds: Every round becomes more and more difficult, as you and your allies proceed. Each round will have 1 of 3 different objectives; Survival: Kill as many enemies as possible until you reach the limit; Siege: Defeat all of the enemies in the designated area until you reach the goal; Treasure Hunter: Score 2 Idols scattered across the map, while avoiding the enemies.

Enemies: In Co-op Arena, there are many types of enemies, such as Weak Chokers (Use their hands to choke you), Weak Pirates (Carry M9's, AK's, or G-MAL's), Armored Chokers (Same as a choker, but with armor, and an M9), Armored Pirates (Same thing as Pirate but with Armor) , and Brutes (Heavily Armored Pirates, with a PAK-80, and cannot be punched even when the helmet is off).

Treasures: The two Types of Treasures found in Co-op Arena are the Artifact Treasures, and the Antiquity Treasures. These Treasures only unlock Player Accessories or Add-Ons such as Sunglasses, or Hats. The Legend Treasure Sets are found in Competitive Game Modes, and not Co-op.

Get some friends and try Co-op Arena!

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