Glass Jaw

Glass Jaw
Glass Jaw's badge
Cost $1,500,000
Required level 57
Booster slot Upper
Booster class Badge of Honour

Glass Jaw is a Booster that appears in the multiplayer component of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

[edit] Effect

Glass Jaw makes the player take double damage from all hand-to-hand (melee) attacks.

[edit] How to Unlock

A member of the Badge of Honour class of Boosters, Glass Jaw becomes available when the player reaches level 57. It costs $1,500,000 to buy, and when purchased, fits in the upper Booster slot.

"Duck and Weave" medal

[edit] Badge of Honour Medal

Deafeating five enemies with the Glass Jaw Booster enabled earns the player the "Duck and Weave" medal, which is worth $15,000.

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