Old Quarter

Overlooking Old Quarter.

Old Quarter is a map included in the multiplayer component of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It was released as part of the Drake's Deception Map Pack, and takes place at night, in an area of Yemen explored in the game's campaign.


[edit] Description

Old Quarter takes place at night, in an area of Yemen[1] that is explored in the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception campaign chapters Historical Research and As Above, So Below. Old Quarter features a number of small buildings for close quarters combat, while the various rooftops provide vantage points and possible sniping positions for players. A small pool of water is in the centre of the map, which also allows for water-based combat. During gameplay, a helicopter flies over the map, shooting at any uncovered players.

[edit] Weapons

  • A Mag 5 is found in the area beyond the wooden bridge across the pool, past the stone archway.
  • A T-Bolt Sniper is located on the small ledge next to the pool, beneath the bridge.
  • An SAS-12 can be found where the two wooden staircases lead down from the red corridor.
  • Mk-NDI grenades can be found scattered throughout the map.

[edit] Behind the scenes

Old Quarter is only available when purchased and downloaded as part of the Drake's Deception Map Pack, which was released to the PlayStation Store in April 2012. Also included in the Drake's Deception Map Pack were the Graveyard, Oasis and London Streets maps.[1]

[edit] References

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