Race to the Rescue

Race to the Rescue
Game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Chapter 20
Preceded by Unwelcome Guests
Succeeded by Gold and Bones
Treasures 1

Race to the Rescue is the twentieth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

[edit] Summary

After making his way out of the German submarine bunker, Nathan "Nate" Drake must help Victor "Sully" Sullivan fight off a number of Atoq Navarro's mercenaries in a courtyard, before the two of them advance into a church and fight off more of Navarro's mercenaries.

After defeating all of the mercenaries in the church, Nate and Sully move the church's altar and discover a hidden passage which takes them back into the catacombs, setting off the next chapter: Gold and Bones.

[edit] Treasures

Race to the Rescue only contains one treasure:

  • Gold Ingot

[edit] Trivia

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