Game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Chapter 22
Preceded by Gold and Bones
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Treasures 0

Showdown is the twenty-second and final chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

[edit] Summary

Nathan "Nate" Drake and Atoq Navarro finally face off in this chapter, but before he can get to Navarro, Nate must first fight his way through the final waves of Navarro's mercenaries. Once Nate has dispatched the mercenaries, he comes face-to-face with Navarro, however, he is disarmed by Navarro and must resort to using his fists against Navarro's gun. Nate manages to knock Navarro to the floor, and goes to check on Elena Fisher, who is still stuck in the wreckage of Navarro's helicopter.

As Nate is checking up on Elena, Navarro rises again and goes to shoot to two of them. However, Nate notices that the rope connecting the statue of El Dorado and the helicopter is wrapped around Navarro's foot, so Nate pushes the chopper off the boat, sending the statue and Navarro to the bottom of the ocean.

Victor "Sully" Sullivan then arrives with a boat of his own, filled with the treasure that Eddy Raja and his pirates collected from the island. Sully then drives the boat into the sunset, with Nate and Elena discussing how Nate still owes Elena a story.

[edit] Treasures

There are no treasures to be found in Showdown.

[edit] Trivia

  • Last appearances of: Atoq Navarro and Navarro's mercenaries.
  • One of five chapters in Drake's Fortune that contain no treasures.

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