Siege Downloadable Expansion Pack

Siege Expansion Pack logo.

The Siege Expansion Pack was the third downloadable content pack released by Naughty Dog for the multiplayer component of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It contained six new multiplayer skins, two new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer playlist and added eleven new trophies to the game.

[edit] Release

The pack was released to the PlayStation Network Store 22 April, 2010 and cost $5.99.

[edit] Content

The six new skins included in the pack were:

The two maps in the pack were:

There is also a new playlist available in the pack:

  • Siege Co-op Arena Playlist, in which the players must hold a capture area fighting off enemies for a certain period of time.

[edit] Trophies

Purchasing the pack also adds eleven new trophies to the game for the player to collect; ten of which are bronze, and one of which is silver.

You Can't Break Me Complete all 3 Co-op Objective maps on Crushing difficulty Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
Under Siege Finish Wave 10 in a Siege game Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
Speedy Get 10 First! medals Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
I'll Cover You Get 50 Defender medals Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
Fallen Angel Get 50 Afterlife medals Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
Not So Fast Get 20 Shut 'em Down medals Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
Jack of All Trades Get 15 Triple Threat medals Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
You Run, I'll Shoot Get 10 Protectorate medals Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
Back At Ya Get 50 Retaliation medals Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
Kneel Before Z... Get 5 Put 'em Down medals Bronze BronzeTrophy.png
Rock a Rhyme Get 100 Tricky medals Silver SilverTrophy.png
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