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You may be looking for the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception map of the same name.

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The Fort is a map from the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The Fort was included free in the 1.02 update of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in November 2009, and is based on the fortress that is seen in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


[edit] Layout

This has a lot of cover but not many vantage points. Situated in the centre is a square hole, with a protruding fountain in the middle. Players can leap down this hole to the underground section of the map below. Alternatively there are long staircases diagonally opposite each other that also lead underground. Here there is little exposure to sun, with statues of hooded beings watching over the flooded catacomb, with a few smaller rooms along the walls. You can view the map as two large rectangles placed at ninety degrees to each other. The first, top rectangle is the section above ground, with two stairs connecting to the lower underground rectangle. There are also climbable platforms at the two corners of the map, between the stairs and the main spawn points, however these do not offer much of a vantage point other than flanking the opposing team. At one side of the square hole in the middle is a set of small stairs leading to a small room, and on the opposite side is a large alcove.

At some point during online matches, a plane similar to that depicted in the first game will fly overhead before crashing and burning, though this happens off-screen.

[edit] Weapons

  • A pair of FALs can be found both of the main spawn points.
  • Three Mk-NDI grenades are located on each half of the map, along with a further grenade on each half of the underground section.
  • Two M4s can be found near to the square hole, with one on either side.
  • A Moss-12 shotgun is located on top of the fountain in the centre of the map.
  • A Riot Shield can be found lying in the alcove near to the hole.
  • An RPG-7 is located underground in a small room in the middle of the map.
  • Two Micro-9mms can also be found underground.

The Facility also contains several ammunition pickups for the AK-47 and the 92FS-9mm, the default starting weapons in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer.

[edit] Objective Game Types

In a game of Plunder, the treasure always spawns first inside the small room at the side of the fountain on the section of the map that is above ground. The idol may also spawn in the RPG room underground or at the alcove where the riot shield is found. The two plunder bases are on the two diagonally opposite climbable platforms, requiring one or two throws in order to get the idol on the correct platform.

During Turf War, zones 2 and 3 are located on the upper level, symmetrically opposite each other, between the places of cover on either side of the map. Zone 1 is found underground, near to one of the grenade spawn locations.

In a Chain Reaction match type, zones 1 and 5 are located on the climbable platforms, near to the plunder bases. Zones 2 and 4 are the same as zones 2 and 3 in Turf war; on the upper level between the covering crates on either side of the map, and zone 3 is in the small room underground where the RPG-7 is located.

[edit] Co-op Arena

The Fort is also compatible with Survival and Gold Rush co-operative multiplayer modes. In these match types the AK-47s and FALs appear on the edges of the square holes, with 92FS-9mm ammo and grenades found on the crates. Enemies spawn from the edges of the main upper level of the map, while the main player spawn is next to the fountain. During Gold Rush, the treasure may spawn on one of the climbable platforms, where the plunder bases are. If the idol spawns here, the base for it will be located on the opposite side of the map, at the edge of the underground section. Alternatively, this is where the idol may spawn; if so, the base will be located at the opposite end of the upper level of the map, where the players first spawn during a competitive match.

[edit] Tactics

  • Many players pick up a FAL at the beginning of a match and try picking off exposed enemies on the opposite side of the map. If this is not the way you play, it is advised to take cover frequently during the start of a game in order to maintain maximum health.
  • Beware of pull downs from the centre hole, or off the climbable platforms in the corners of the map, especially during a Plunder match type as this is where the bases are situated.
  • Often, while you are taking cover on the upper level of the map, enemies will flank you from underground via the stairs. For this reason it is better to remain on the move and remain highly aware of your surroundings.
  • Climbing up the fountain in the middle to get to the upper level may be a quick way, but many times it can lead to death. Reasons for this are when you first climb you are disorientated, not knowing which way is your allies and which way is your enemies. Another reason is that it puts you right in the middle of the map, and you can potentially be surrounded, which is not a good idea as you will be highly exposed.
  • The underground section doesn't always receive a lot of action during matches, so if you are looking for enemies it is best to try the upper level.
  • A good way of flanking your enemies is via the underground section, up the stairs and over the climbable platforms. However the same works the other way, so be wary of whoever is trying to flank you.
  • In Survival, a good place to camp is the climbable platforms, as enemies will mostly come from one direction, and there is a good escape route in case you and your partners run out of ammunition, or need to take a breather.
  • In Gold Rush, the underground section is a good way to traverse the map, as it takes enemies time to get here, and none of them spawn at this section.

[edit] Video

[edit] Behind the scenes

The Fort appears to be based on the fortress that is featured in the single-player story mode of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The fortress can be seen in the chapters The Fortress and Unlocking the Past.

The Fort was not shipped with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves; rather, it came free with the 1.02 update of the game in November 2009.[1]

[edit] References

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