The Fortress

The Fortress
Game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Chapter 5
Preceded by Plane-Wrecked
Succeeded by Unlocking the Past
Treasures 4

The Fortress is the fifth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

[edit] Summary

The Fortress picks up from where the previous chapter, Plane-Wrecked left off. After being separated from Elena Fisher, Nathan "Nate" Drake has spotted Elena's parachute hanging from a stone tower, but first he must climb into the fort that contains the tower, with the sea and a large grouping off rocks awaiting him if he falls.

Once Nate has climbed into the tower, he must face off against a number of waves of Eddy Raja's pirates. Nate battles his way through these pirates to the tower, and finds Elena's parachute empty. However, from this vantage point, Nate can see Elena in another part of the fort, apparently content with videoing her surroundings. From here, Nate attempts to locate Elena, and makes his way through the rest of the courtyard to a flooded underground complex. As he makes his way out of this and into anther courtyard, the next chapter: Unlocking the Past, picks up on the story.

[edit] Treasures

The Fortress features four treasures. These treasures are:

  • Strange Relic
  • Silver Jaguar
  • Gold Mosaic Inca Earring
  • Golden Spoon

[edit] Trivia

  • The multiplayer map The Fort seems to be based off the general setting of this chapter.

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