Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Zoran Lazarević consumes the resin from the Tree of Life.
Game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Chapter 26
Preceded by Broken Paradise
Succeeded by -
Treasures 0

Tree of Life is the twenty-sixth and final chapter of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The chapter features the final confrontation between treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake and Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarević, concluding the story of Marco Polo's Lost Fleet, Shambhala and the Cintamani Stone.


[edit] Summary

The chapter begins with Nathan "Nate" Drake on his own, after sending Chloe Frazer and the injured Elena Fisher back through the mountain in the previous chapter. After making his way down the sloping stone staircase, Nate comes to an opening beneath the great tree. He peers into a room, and spots Zoran Lazarević and his men surrounding a pool of the blue resin. Lazarević cups his hands and raises the resin to his mouth. After consuming the ancient liquid, he pauses before writhing in pain, his previous scars and burns vanishing from his body, replenishing his health.

After this he notices Nate's presence, and beckons him to fight. Nate on the other hand drops a one liner before tossing a grenade into the burning pool, causing a tremendous explosion, engulfing Lazarević and his men. However, Nathan's celebration is short lived as he sees Lazarević crawl from the debris, breaking his arm, shoulder and neck back into place. Following this, the final fight begins.

Lazarević chases Nate around the chamber, with shotgun in hand, assured of certain victory. However, Nate notices that he is vulnerable to the explosions caused by the blue resin and targets the many pods scattered around the room. After the player explodes enough of these pods, Lazarević will drop to his knees, exhausted.

Lazarević speaks out to Nate, forcing him to question his morals, as he makes note of the fact that Nate has slaughtered hundreds of men throughout his adventure. Knowing he what did would save the lives of many others, Nathan turns to leave, with Lazarević mocking him, "You do not have the will." Nate turns back one more time, "Maybe not," he says, "but they do." At that moment, Nate crawls from the ruins as a pack of Guardians descend upon Lazarević, beating and tearing away at him.

It's not over for Nate though, as soon as he escapes, he notices that everything around him is beginning to crumble, due to the destruction of the sacred tree. Players will now guide Nate through a short platforming sequence in which they must cross a collapsing walkway. Waiting for him close to the entrance is Chloe, who beckons him closer, when suddenly one of Guardians, thought to be dead, latches onto her and begins to drag he towards the edge as the walkway crumbles. In a quick-time style shootout, Nate dispatches the last Guardian but tumbles over the edge.

As things look desperate, a hand grabs him and pulls him up just in time. Chloe, Nate and Elena manage to escape, though Elena is a poor state.

A final cutscene following the chapter concludes the story: back in Tenzin's Tibetan village, the Tibetan mountaineer gives Karl Schäfer a traditional funeral, which Nate attends. Victor "Sully" Sullivan then brings out Elena, who is alive and well. Chloe joins Nate to watch Elena as she begins her recovery, and Nate admits that he loves Elena. Chloe and Sully then leave, leaving Nate and Elena looking out over the Himalayan Mountains.

[edit] Behind the scenes

One of four chapters in the game to feature no Treasures.

The Lost City, a map for the multiplayer component of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, appears to be based on the lost city of Shambhala as it appears in both this chapter and the previous chapter, Broken Paradise.

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