Unlocking the Past

Unlocking the Past
Game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Chapter 6
Preceded by The Fortress
Succeeded by Out of the Frying Pan
Treasures 4

Unlocking the Past is the sixth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

[edit] Summary

Using hints given in Sir Francis Drake's map, Nathan "Nate" Drake must climb a tower and recover a set of keys for a locked door that is keeping him from moving further into the fortress and meeting up with Elena Fisher.

After unlocking the door and advancing through the fortress, Nate comes to a courtyard where he must fight a number of Eddy Raja's pirates, one of them controlling a turret gun. Once Nate has defeated these pirates, he comes to a balcony from which he can see Elena. However, from this vantage point he can also see two pirates sneaking up on Elena, so fires at them. One of the pirates has an M79 Grenade Launcher and returns fire, which destroys the balcony and knocks Nate unconscious.

When Nate wakes up, he finds himself locked in a prison cell. Elena appears and remarks that it won't take much to pull the bars from the cell. Just as she ducks away, Eddy Raja appears and begins talking to Nate about how his men are being killed so quickly, implying Nate is not the only enemy of Eddy's on the island. Eddy the tries to strike up a deal with Nate, but before he can finish, Elena hooks a claw around the bars of the cell and pulls them out with her 4X4 jeep. Nate jumps into the jeep and Elena drives off as Eddy and his pirates his chase.

[edit] Treasures

The four treasures to be collected in this chapter are:

  • Silver Inca Mask
  • Spanish Silver Coin
  • Silver Tairona Pendant
  • Gold Llama

[edit] Trivia

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