Zorskel as he appears in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
Gender Male
Born Serbia
Nationality Serbian
Status Unknown; presumed deceased
Appearances Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Affiliation Zoran Lazarević's soldiers

Zorskel is an antagonist that appears in the 2009 video game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

In the game, Zorskel is one of many soldiers hired by ruthless Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarević to aid him in his search for the lost city of Shambhala, said to contain the legendary Cintamani Stone.


[edit] Biography

Little is known about Zorskel's life prior to the Uncharted series. However, it can be assumed that Zorskel is of Eastern European - most likely Serbian - descent, as that is where Zoran Lazarević hails from.[1]

Zorskel is a soldier and mercenary. Within Lazarević's army, Zorskel is one of the more heavily-armoured soldiers. Zorskel can be identified by the skull ski mask and red goggles that he wears on his face, and his weapon of choice is the SAS-12 shotgun.[1]

[edit] Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

In August 2009, Zorskel is one of many soldiers hired by Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarević to aid Lazarević in his search for the mythical Cintamani Stone, a large jewel said to be held in the lost city of Shambhala. As well as aiding in Lazarević's search for Shambhala and the Cintamani Stone, the soldiers are also tasked with battling Nathan "Nate" Drake, a treasure-hunter said to be a descendant of the legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake. Nate is also searching for Shambhala and the Cintamani Stone, and it is up to Zorskel and his fellow soldiers to ensure that Nate does not reach Shambhala before Lazarević.[1]

Zorskel and his fellow soldiers fight Nate across a variety of settings, such as a war-torn city in Nepal and a Tibetan monastery set high in the Himalayan Mountains. It is in this monastery where the entrance to Shambhala is, and Nate and his allies are able to open it. Lazarević and his forces soon catch up to Nate and take Nate and his allies hostage as they move into Shambhala. However, as the entourage enters Shambhala they are attacked by the city's Guardians. Later, the final showdown between Lazarević and Nate causes significant damage to the city's structure, and Shambhala begins crumbling. Zorskel's eventual fate is unknown, although it can be assumed that is either killed by the Guardians or is unable to escape from the crumbling Shambhala.[1]

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Behind the scenes

Zorskel does not have a unique voice actor. Rather, he shares his voice with the rest of Zoran Lazarević's soldiers. The voice work for Lazarević's soldiers is provided by a number of actors.[2]

Zorskel also appears in the multiplayer component of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. He is a Villain skin that becomes available when the player reaches level 10. After that, Zorskel can be purchased for $20,000.[3]

[edit] References

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