Charlie Cutter

Charlie Cutter
Charlie Cutter in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.
Gender Male
Born July 28, 1972 (age 43)
Nationality British
Status Alive
Appearances Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Voice actor Graham McTavish

Charlie Cutter, voiced by Graham McTavish, is a protagonist in the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

In the game, Cutter acts a double-agent, as he initially alleges to be helping Katherine Marlowe and Talbot, but then aids treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake, antique-dealer Victor "Sully" Sullivan and explorer Chloe Frazer as they battle Marlowe's agents in London and Syria.


[edit] Biography

Charlie Cutter is British. Despite his brutish appearance, Cutter is quite intelligent, as he is knowledgeable on subjects such as the works of William Shakespeare and Victorian architecture. Cutter also has claustrophobia, a fear of enclosed spaces.[1]

[edit] Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

In London, Cutter is present at the public house called "The Pelican Inn" when treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake and antique-dealer Victor "Sully" Sullivan discuss a deal for legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake's ring with Talbot. Cutter frisks both Nate and Sully, before allowing them to see Talbot. However, Nate releases the money being offered by Talbot is fake, and as the deal turns sour Talbot orders Cutter and a gang of thugs in the public house to attack Nate and Sully. Cutter and the thugs are initially beaten by Nate and Sully, although Cutter and several thugs regroup in the alley behind the public house and attack Nate and Sully when they attempt to make their escape. Cutter and the thugs are able to subdue Nate and Sully, leaving them lying in the alley as Talbot and his client Katherine Marlowe arrive. After a conversation with Nate and Sully, Marlowe takes Francis Drake's ring from around Nate's neck. Cutter shoots Nate as he attempts to retrieve the ring, before shooting Sully too. Marlowe and Talbot are angered by this wanton shooting and leave in their car, leaving Cutter alone with Nate and Sully.[1]

Cutter in Uncharted 3.

After some time has passed, Cutter tells Nate and Sully that Marlowe has left and they both open their eyes, revealing that they aren't injured and this a set-up to deceive Marlowe into taking a faked ring; Cutter is actually allies with Nate and Sully. However, the gunshots have altered the London police, and Cutter, Nate and Sully must run through the backstreets of London, before meeting up with Australian explorer Chloe Frazer, who has tracked Marlowe's car to their secret hideout. Cutter, Nate, Sully and Chloe open the entrance to Marlowe's hideout, which is only accessed by mimicking the presence of an automobile. Chloe leaves before Cutter, Nate and Sully make their way into the hideout, which consists of passages bored into the old service tunnels beneath London.[1]

Cutter, Nate and Sully must defeat several of Marlowe's agents that are on patrol, before they come to the North Atwood underground train station. After defeating several more agents Cutter, Nate and Sully come to Marlowe's secret library, where they overhear a conversation between Marlowe and Talbot about the events that have just transpired. When Marlowe realises she has a fake ring, she realises that they may have been followed and orders her agents to find the intruders. When Marlowe and Talbot leave the library, Cutter, Nate and Sully drop down to investigate the information Marlowe has complied on Francis Drake. They find the astrolabe that accompanies the ring and a map belonging to Drake, but as they make this discovery agents burst into the library. Cutter, Nate and Sully must then battle through hordes of soldiers as they make their way back out onto the London streets and climb into a van being driven by Chloe.[1]

Cutter, Nate, Sully and Chloe regroup at an apartment in London, where Nate looks over the map and discovers that Drake was sent on a mission to Arabia by the Queen during his exploring days. His mission was to find the Iram of the Pillars, a lost city in the Rub' al Khali desert that is known as the "Atlantis of the Sands". From the works of Drake and T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia"), Nate is able to deduct that the next clue to the location of Iram is either in Syria or Eastern France. Cutter and Chloe head to Syria, while Nate and Sully make their way to France.[1]

On their way to Syria, Cutter and Chloe are followed by Marlowe's agents. Nate and Sully arrive from France a day later, after finding (and then subsequently losing to Talbot) half of the amulet that explains where the next clue to the location of Iram is. Cutter, Chloe, Nate and Sully make their way through the hordes of agents in the Syrian fortress and are able to find the secret entrance to the tomb that contains the second half of the amulet. However, as they investigating the entrance Talbot appears, shooting Cutter with a dart that contains an hallucinogenic serum. At Talbot's command, Cutter hands over all of the information on the location of Iram, before Talbot seemingly disappears.[1]

A spaced-out Cutter then enters the tomb along with Nate, Sully and Chloe. However, the hallucinogenic agent enhances Cutter's claustrophobia, and even though he is able to get through one small passage, he turns on Nate when Nate attempts to force him through a second passage. Cutter fights Nate and begins choking him, and Sully draws his gun on Cutter. However, Chloe is able to talk sense into Cutter and bring him back to reality before Sully can pull the trigger. This marks Cutter's recovery, as he then aids Nate in completing an elaborate puzzle featuring a large globe and several flammable beacons. Completing this puzzle gives Cutter, Nate, Sully and Chloe entry into the inner tomb, and after entering the tomb they locate the coffin that contains the second half of the amulet. After hearing that Nate lost the first half of the amulet, Cutter decides to take the second half and watch over it. Hearing the voices of Marlowe's agents, the group then make their exit, although they come across Talbot and three agents as they leave. Talbot notes that it is a stalemate, but then it seems Cutter is again succumbing to the hallucinogenic agent as he turns his gun on his friends, causing them to drop their weapons into the cavern that separates them and Talbot. However, when Talbot orders Cutter to fire, Cutter turns his gun on Talbot, shooting him and the agents; as he was only pretending to be under the influence of the hallucinogen this time.[1]

Cutter covers Nate, Sully and Chloe as they make their escape from Talbot and the agents, and during this escape the group must jump from a rooftop to a wooden beam. However, Cutter is last in line to jump across, and the wooden beam breaks before he is able to jump across. Cutter is trapped on the rooftop as Marlowe and Talbot catch up to him, before setting the roof on fire. After Marlowe and Talbot leave, Cutter is tasked with a difficult choice: stay on the roof and burn to death, or jump from the high rooftop. Cutter opts for the latter, and breaks his leg in the process. Cutter is carried by Sully to the exit of the Syrian fortress, with Nate and Chloe covering them from the gunfire from the agents. Eventually, the group are able to exit the fortress, before making their escape in a tour bus. Nate and Sully are headed to Yemen to search for Iram, but Cutter's broken leg marks the end of the journey for him and Chloe.[1]

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Behind the scenes

Charlie Cutter first appears in the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Cutter was first seen in a trailer released in March 2011 that unveiled the game's primary antagonist Katherine Marlowe,[2] and he was first named in the official Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception trailer released at the E3 conference in June 2011.[3] Promotional material released prior to the release of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception alluded to Cutter being an antagonist in the game, although this proved to deceiving, as in the final product Cutter is actually a protagonist.

Cutter is voiced by Scottish actor Graham McTavish, who also voices Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarević in the Uncharted series.[4] Outside of the Uncharted series, McTavish has also lent his voice to video games such as Dante's Inferno and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.[5] While recording Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, McTavish was also in New Zealand filming for 2012/2013 fantasy film The Hobbit, which proved to be difficult when producing the game, especially when shooting motion-capture scenes.[6] Nolan North, who provides the voice for Nathan "Nate" Drake, has alluded to chemistry between himself and McTavish, as he states in an interview that the two "will continue running dialogue long after the scene is over" in order to capture as much material as possible.[7] Nolan has also spoken very highly of McTavish, calling him "a pro" and saying his portrayal of Cutter is "fantastic".[6]

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