Chloe Frazer

Chloe Frazer
Chloe Frazer in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
Gender Female
Born October 2, 1976 (age 39)
Nationality Australian
Status Alive
Appearances Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Uncharted (comic)
Voice actor Claudia Black
Height/Weight 5'7, 135 lbs

Chloe Frazer, voiced by Claudia Black, is a major protagonist in the Uncharted series. An Australian explorer, Chloe can be seen aiding treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake on several of his adventures.

Chloe first appears in the video game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, acting as a double-agent; she alleges to be helping explorer Harry Flynn and Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarević in finding the lost city of Shambhala, but in reality she is aiding Nate on his search for the city. Chloe returns in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, aiding Nate and his allies Victor "Sully" Sullivan and Charlie Cutter during their time in London and Syria.

Chloe also appears in the Uncharted comic miniseries.


[edit] Biography

Chloe Frazer (born October 6, 1976) is an Australian explorer. She has an impulsive nature and is a romantic interest of treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake.[1] Chloe is a seasoned adventurer, and is described as the "best driver in the business" by her associates.[2][3]

[edit] Uncharted (comic)

Chloe appears in the Uncharted comic miniseries. Set before the events of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the Uncharted comic follows Nate he searches for the legendary lost city Agartha; Chloe aids Nate on his search.[4]

[edit] Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

In August 2008, Chloe and explorer Harry Flynn recruit Nate to help pull off a heist that has been assigned to them by Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarević; the heist requires breaking into a Turkish museum and stealing an ancient artefact. It is down to Chloe to cut off the lights inside the museum, in order to give Nate and Flynn enough cover to sneak into the museum undetected. The mission goes smoothly, as Chloe manages to cut off the lights, allowing Nate and Flynn to infiltrate the museum and recover the artefact, which reveals the resting place of Marco Polo's Lost Fleet: Borneo. However, as Nate and Flynn make their escape, Flynn turns on Nate and leaves him to be captured by the Turkish authorities. Chloe and Flynn then spend the next three months in Borneo with Lazarević, searching for Marco Polo's Lost Fleet.[2]

Three months later, Chloe gets together with Nate's old friend Victor "Sully" Sullivan, and the two of them bail Nate out of his Turkish prison, with Chloe denying that she knows anything of Flynn's betrayal of Nate. Along with Nate and Sully, Chloe comes up with a plan that allows Nate and Sully to be able to infiltrate Lazarević's base of operations in Borneo and find out more information about Marco Polo's Lost Fleet. Chloe helps set up explosive charges around Lazarević's camp, which Nate and Sully blow up as a diversion. The three of them then meet up and find the Phurba dagger nearby, the apparent key to the mythical Shambhala, and a map which could lead them to Shambhala, a place which is said to house the Cintamani Stone, a large sapphire that Sully estimates could be worth millions of dollars. However, when Flynn turns up with a group of Lazarević's soldiers, Chloe is forced to turn her gun on Nate in order to protect her cover, although the two arrange to meet in Nepal, which is apparently the location of the next clue to the entrance of Shambhala.[2]

Chloe in Uncharted 2.

Things to do not go to plan in Nepal, and Chloe must save Nate by blowing up a large truck containing a number of Lazarević's soldiers. However, the two manage to overcome a large number ofLazarević's men, escape out of a collapsing building and even blow up a helicopter in Nepal before locating the temple which supposedly houses the next clue to the location of the entrance of Shambhala, and with it, the Cintamani Stone. As the two head to the temple, they run into one of Nate's old friends, journalist Elena Fisher, who is tracking Lazarević along with her cameraman Jeff. Chloe is reluctant to allow the two to come with herself and Nate, but the quartet are forced together when they come under fire from more of Lazarević's men. The foursome manages to overcome a number of Lazarević's men before finally reaching the temple, in which Nate and Chloe must solve a puzzle involving a large statue. After solving the puzzle, they head down a secret passage which drops them into a pit, with a roof of spikes closing down on them. Nate manages to find a way out, and the two of them must solve another puzzle by bouncing sunlight around the room with the use of mounted mirrors before they reveal a hidden room which tells them the location of the entrance to Shambhala is hidden in the mountains near Tibet. However, their moment of celebration is cut short when Lazarević's men catch up with them, so Nate and Chloe must fight their way out of the temple. When they reunite with Elena and Jeff, however, it is revealed that Jeff has been wounded in an ambush, and although Chloe wants to leave him behind for the good of the group, Nate decides to carry him to safety. Having a wounded member slows the group down considerably, however, and it is not long before Lazarević and Flynn catch up with the quarter, once again forcing Chloe to turn her gun on Nate. After Flynn frisks Nate, he finds the information leading to Tibet, so Chloe joins Flynn and Lazarević on a train to Tibet.[2]

However, Nate also boards the train with the intention of rescuing Chloe and dispatches a number of Lazarević's men before running into Lazarević's right-hand man Lieutenant Draza, who now holds the Phurba. Although Nate wins the initial fight and reclaims the Phurba, Draza gets back to his feet and begins to choke Nate to death. Chloe then intervenes by shooting Draza and killing him, and she and Nate have a small argument which is interrupted when Flynn appears and shoots Nate, wounding him. Pursued by Lazarević's men, Nate heads to the back of the train and shoots at a Propane Tank, which explodes and blows the back half of the train away, taking Nate with it. With Nate assumed dead, Chloe and the train continue onto Tibet.[2]

Chloe is next seen at the monastery in Tibet where the entrance to Shambhala is believed to be hidden. Now in control of the Phurba, Chloe is tracked by Nate, who reclaims the Phurba off of her, before going on to find the entrance to Shambhala with Elena. However, when Nate and Elena are about to enter Shambhala, Lazarević and Flynn catch up with them, and Lazarević now reveals that he knows of Chloe's deception, and unless Nate opens the gate to Shambhala, Lazarević will kill either Chloe or Elena. Nate complies and opens the gate to Shambhala, along with Flynn. The group enter Shambhala, but are then attacked by Shambhala's Guardians, which gives Chloe, Nate and Elena the chance to get away. The trio fight their way through numerous Guardians and dispatch more of Lazarević's men, but before they can reach the Cintamani Stone and destroy it, a wounded Flynn appears with a grenade and pulls the pin in an suicidal attempt to kill Chloe, Nate and Elena. Flynn dies in vain, however, as he only manages to wound Elena. Nate then sees Lazarević approaching the Cintamani Stone, which is not actually a stone but a lake of resin believed to make whoever drinks it very powerful and possibly grant them immortality, and decides to go after Lazarević, leaving Chloe to carry Elena out of Shambhala. Nate defeats Lazarević and blows up a large amount of resin, which causes Shambhala to begin collapsing. Chloe waits with Elena at the entrance of Shambhala for Nate, but when he arrives, Chloe is grabbed by Guardian who attempts to beat her to death. Nate shoots the Guardian and kills it, but not before he falls of the edge of a bridge, causing Chloe to have to haul him back up. Chloe then escapes Shambhala with Nate and Elena.[2]

Sometime later, back at the Tibetan village in which Tenzin nursed Nate back to health after being blown up in the train, Nate and Chloe are talking, and Chloe asks Nate is he loves Elena. Nate replies in the affirmative, and when he tries to apologise to Chloe she brushes it off, saying it is her turn to walk away.[2]

[edit] Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

In January 2011,In London, Chloe serves as the driver for Nate, Sully and thug Charlie Cutter. In her van, Chloe follows Katherine Marlowe and her right-hand man Talbot, as they make their way to Marlowe's secret hideout; the base of operations for the secret society headed by Marlowe, which dates back 400 years to the court of Queen Elizabeth I. After following Marlowe back to the hideout, Chloe waits for Nate, Sully and Cutter before the four of them make their way into the garage that Chloe has tracked Marlowe back to. However, the garage is empty, with the entrance to the hideout actually hidden behind a brick wall, with the hideout bored into the tunnels below London. As Nate, Sully and Cutter make their way into the tunnels, Chloe returns to the van in case a quick exit is needed.[3]

Later, after Nate, Sully and Cutter are discovered by Marlowe's agents, Chloe is on hand to rush the three away in her van. Regrouping at Cutter's London apart, the group look through the notes collected in Marlowe's secret library, coming to the conclusion that 400 years ago, Sir Francis Drake was sent on an expedition by Queen Elizabeth I to find the lost city Iram of the Pillars. From Drake's notes, Nate comes to the conclusion that the next clues to the location of Iram are in France and Syria. Nate and Sully head to France, while Chloe and Cutter make their way to Syria.[3]

Chloe in Uncharted 3.

Chloe and Cutter are followed to the Syrian fortress by Marlowe's agents, but they are still able to find a notebook containing the location of the clue that will eventually lead to Iram. A day later, Nate and Sully arrive from France, having located (and subsequently lost to Talbot) one-half of an amulet that reveals the location of Iram. Together, Chloe, Cutter, Nate and Sully make their way through a number of agents before coming to the secret entrance leading to the tomb that contains the second half of the amulet. However, as the group attempt to open the entrance, Talbot appears and shoots Cutter in the neck with a dart containing a hallucinogenic agent. As Cutter hallucinates, Chloe is able to find the entrance and the group advance into the tomb. Chloe and Sully go on into the tomb, leaving Nate to help the claustrophobic Cutter through a series of small spaces. When Cutter becomes aggressive towards Nate and begins choking him, Sully pulls his revolver on Cutter. However, Chloe is able to persuade Cutter to stop what he is doing before Sully is forced to pull the trigger.[3]

As Cutter returns to reality, the group continue into the tomb, and after solving a puzzle involving a large rotatable globe and some flammable beacons, come to a coffin containing the second half of the amulet. Together, the markings on the two-halves of the amulet pinpoint the next clue to the location of Iram being in Yemen. However, after making this discovery the group hear the voices of Marlowe's agents and begin to make move out. As they make their escape, they come across Talbot. During the ensuing standoff, it seems that Cutter is being affected by the hallucinogenic agent again. However, this proves to be an act, as Cutter instead shoots Talbot and the other agents. The group make their escape, although they soon come to a rooftop, and although Chloe, Nate and Sully are able to jump to safety, Cutter is trapped. Talbot, Marlowe and her agents arrive shortly after and set the roof on fire, which leads to Cutter jumping off the rooftop. However, the jump breaks his leg and Chloe and Nate must cover Sully as he carries Cutter to the exit of the Syrian fortress. After defeating the agents guarding the exit, the group make their escape on a stolen tour bus. On the bus, Chloe questions Nate's motives for wanting to find Iram, and this proves to be the end of the adventure for her and Cutter, as Nate and Sully make their way to Yemen to continue their search.[3]

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Behind the scenes

Concept art of Chloe.

Chloe Frazer first appears in the 2009 video game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and returns in the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and the 2011 Uncharted comic miniseries. In all of her appearances, Chloe is voiced by Australian actress Claudia Black,[5][6] who is perhaps best-know for her roles on science-fiction television series Stargate SG-1 and Farscape.[7] When the character Elena Fisher was initially conceived as a Spanish woman named Elena Vargas, Black was the first choice for voicing her. However, Vargas became Fisher and the role ultimately went to American actress Emily Rose.[8]

[edit] Reception

The character of Chloe has been well-received by critics. In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the love triangle between Chloe, Elena and Nathan "Nate" Drake was called "compelling" and " the most convincing stab at romance in the medium".[9][10] Black has also been praised for her voicing of Chloe, with a review for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves suggesting that Black was as well-cast in her role as American actor Nolan North in his role as Nate.[9] For her performance in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Black was nominated for an award at the 2010 Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Awards (AIAS) in the "Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance" category,[11] while Black's portrayal of Chloe in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception earned her a nomination at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards (VGA) in the category "Best Performance By A Human Female".[12]

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[edit] References

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