Nathan Drake

Nathan "Nate" Drake
Nathan "Nate" Drake in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
Gender Male
Born August 24, 1977 (age 40)
United States[A]
Nationality American
Relatives Francis Drake (ancestor - not confirmed) Samuel Drake (brother) Cassandra Morgan (mother - deceased)
Aliases Nathan Merrill
John T. Conover
Status Alive
Height/ Weight 5'11, 190 lbs
Appearances Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Uncharted: Eye of Indra
Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Uncharted (comic)
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Voice actor Nolan North
Billy Unger (14 year-old Nathan Drake)
Spouse Elena Fisher (2010-present)

Nathan "Nate" Drake, voiced by Nolan North, is the alleged name of the main character of the Uncharted series. Said to be a descendant of legendary English explorer Sir Francis Drake, Nate is an American treasure-hunter and explorer.

His first appearance in the Uncharted series comes in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, a game that follows Nate as he searches for the fabled treasure of El Dorado. Nate returns in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, searching for the legendary Cintamani Stone, which is said to be held in the lost city of Shambhala. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception follows Nate as he and his mentor Victor "Sully" Sullivan search the Rub' al Khali desert for the lost city known as Iram of the Pillars.

Nate also appears in the Uncharted: Eye of Indra motion comic, the Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth novel, the Uncharted comic miniseries and the PlayStation Vita video game Uncharted: Golden Abyss.


[edit] Biography

Nathan "Nate" Drake is an American treasure-hunter and explorer said to be a descendant of the legendary British explorer Sir Francis Drake. Nate's mother killed herself while Nate was young, and Nate's father surrendered him to the state when Nate was 5 years old. Nate was entrusted to the St. Francis boys home for some time, before he began a life on the streets.[1] Nate first meets his mentor Victor "Sully" Sullivan when he is 14, on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia. Nate is attempting to steal Francis Drake's ring from an exhibition at a Cartagena museum when he spots Sully acting suspiciously. Nate follows Sully through the streets of Cartagena and watches Sully receive a key that will grant him access to the display case holding Drake's ring. Nate is later able to take the key for himself and attempts to steal the ring. However, as he is taking the ring Sully and Katherine Marlowe enter the exhibit. Marlowe slaps Nate when he refuses to give him the ring, but Sully stops her from slapping him a second time. Nate takes this opportunity to escape the museum with the ring, although he is pursued by Marlowe's agents. However, Sully aids Nate by subduing the agents and later takes him to a bar, where he offers to teach Nate some things about the criminal life he leads. Nate agrees, and Sully says that he sees great things in their future.[1]

Due to his daredevil disposition and the adventurous nature of his profession, Nate is well-skilled. Among other skills, Nate is proficient with a wide range of weapons, is knowledge on a number of languages and has wilderness survival knowledge for a range of environments.[2]

[edit] Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth

In October 2003, Nate is hired by the Ecuadorian Cuiqawa tribe to steal an artefact from drug lord Ramón Valdez's compound in an area of rainforest known as El Oriente. The artefact in question is the golden staff of Ayar Manco, which the tribe believe to rightfully belong to them. After retrieving the staff, Nate rescues Alex Munoz, the daughter of the mayor of Guayaquil, who has been kidnapped and held hostage by Valdez. Nate and Alex are chased by Valdez's henchmen through the rainforest and surrender after Nate drives their jeep into a dead end. However, just as Nate and Alex declare their surrender the Cuiqawa tribe appear from the surrounding forestry and ambush Valdez's men. For returning the golden staff of Ayar Manco to the tribe and returning Alex to her father, Nate receives two large monetary rewards.[3]

Upon arriving back to America, Nate is contacted by Sully, who makes him aware of the recent murder of their friend Luka Hzujak. After viewing the murder scene, Nate and Sully visit Luka's daughter Jadranka, more commonly known as "Jada". Upon their arrival, Jada informs Nate and Sully that she has been going through Luka's research notes; Luka was working at Phoenix Industries, a weapons manufacturer whose CEO is Norwegian businessman Tyr Henriksen, shortly before his murder. Jada believes Henriksen and her stepmother Olivia, who also works at Phoenix Industries, to be behind Luka's murder. However, first Nate, Sully and Jada pay a visit to Dr. Maynard Cheney, a professor who Luka has been working with before his death.[3]

Arriving at the Museum of Natural History in New York, Nate, Sully and Jada are greeted by graduate student Gretchen Welch, who informs the trio of the recent work being carried out by Luka and Dr. Cheney; the two professors had been researching three ancient labyrinths, all crafted by the legendary Greek figure Daedalus. As Gretchen leads the three visitors through Dr. Cheney's "Labyrinths of the Ancient World" exhibit, a ruckus is heard from Dr. Cheney's office. Nate rushes ahead of the others and finds Dr. Cheney dying, having been attacked moments earlier. Nate and Jada give pursuit to the attacker for a short period of time, but it is impossible to catch the perpetrator in the elaborate labyrinth exhibit. Returning to Dr. Cheney's office, Gretchen informs Nate, Sully and Jada that her brother Ian is a manager at the excavation site of the labyrinth of Sobek; a labyrinth in Egypt that Luka had been studying before his murder. Not wanting to meet the police, Nate, Sully and Jada leave the Museum after Gretchen promises to get them access to the Egyptian excavation site through her brother. Nate, Sully and Jada then make their way back to Luka's apartment. However, there they find the apartment on fire and are attacked by mysterious assailants in an SUV. Jada wishes to confront Olivia and Henriksen at the Phoenix Industries headquarters, but Olivia is unavailable and the trio make their way up America's East Cost, entering Canada before flying to Egypt from Montreal.[3]

Shortly after arriving in Egypt, Nate, Sully and Jada meet Ian Welch over dinner. Welch tells the trio of the work being carried out at the excavation site of the labyrinth of Sobek in Crocodilopolis, but leaves abruptly when the murders of Luka and Dr. Cheney are mentioned. Olivia Hzujak then appears at the restaurant, having followed Nate, Sully and Jada from their hotel. Jada storms out of the restaurant, unable to talk with the stepmother she despises, and Nate must chase after her. Outside the restaurant, Jada is attacked by a gang of thugs who attempt to kidnap her. With Sully's help, Nate is able to fend the attackers off, but the thugs are soon killed in cold blood by a group of hooded people, who tell Jada that she should go home. The hooded group are later revealed to be the Protectors of the Hidden Word, a secret society set up to hide the mysteries of ancient labyrinths.[3]

The next day, Nate, Sully and Jada investigate the excavation site with Welch, who informs them that Henriksen has recently bought the company managing the dig and is visiting the site along with Olivia. Welch leads Nate, Sully and Jada into the heart of labyrinth, where Nate discovers a hidden passage below the labyrinth's anteroom. Exploring the passage, they discover three rooms that represent Daedalus' three labyrinths: along with the labyrinth of Sobek in Egypt and the well-known labyrinth of Knossos on the Greek island Crete; a third labyrinth exists on the Greek archipelago Thera, also known as Santorini. Shortly after this, the group are attacked by the Protectors of the Hidden Word, who drag Welch off into a hidden passage. Nate, Sully and Jada are unable to fight off the large group of Protectors, and come across Henriksen and Olivia as they make their escape.[3]

Nate, Sully and Jada make their way to Thera, where they explore a fortress damaged by earthquakes through the years. Beneath the fortress, they a labyrinth that contains rooms similar to those found in the labyrinth of Sobek. However, there are four room representing four labyrinths, and suddenly Luka's research becomes clear: he was searching for the mythical fourth labyrinth, and the rooms reveal that the fourth labyrinth is in China and known as "Diyu", what the Chinese consider to be Hell. As Nate, Sully and Jada escape, they come under attack from more Protectors, who drag Sully away in a manner similar to Welch. Overwhelmed, Nate and Jada retreat, only to be confronted by Henriksen, Olivia and several of Henriksen's hired guns, including his bodyguard Corelli. Henriksen too knows that the fourth labyrinth is in China, and offers Nate and Jada the opportunity to travel with him. Nate and Jada reluctantly agree, before flying to China with Henriksen and his entourage.[3]

On the flight, Henriksen receives information from an employee at Phoenix Industries that points to Diyu being under the city of Nanjing. Upon their arrival in Nanjing, Nate is introduced to a team of mercenaries that are set to provide security to Henriksen and his associates in Diyu. Soon after entering Diyu, Olivia turns on Henriksen and reveals that she is behind everything. After Nate kills Corelli, Olivia orders the mercenaries to execute Nate, Jada and Henriksen. However, before they can shoot the Protectors of the Hidden Word attack and the ensuing skirmish gives Nate, Jada and Henriksen the chance to escape from Olivia and the mercenaries.[3]

Moving towards the heart of Diyu, Nate, Jada and Henriksen are attacked by a small group of Protectors, among which are Sully and Welch, who have been brainwashed by a concoction containing the white hellebore. Before Nate is able to stop him, Henriksen shoots and kills Welch. Nate is able to stop Henriksen from shooting Sully, although Sully then attacks Nate and the two fight for a short period of time. Eventually Nate is able to get the better of Sully and subdues his friend, before regrouping with Jada and Henriksen and heading into the heart of the labyrinth, where they are confronted by the "Minotaur", which is actually a human man deformed by the same concoction that brainwashed Sully and Welch. Olivia and the remaining mercenaries soon arrive and as the mercenaries engage the Minotaur in battle, Nate, Jada, Henriksen and Sully move onto the treasure vault. Guarding the treasure is the Mistress of the Labyrinth and the final Protectors. As Nate, Jada and Henriksen battle the Protectors, Olivia arrives with the last mercenary Suarez, having seemingly killed the Minotaur. The Mistress kills Henriksen, and Suarez kills the Mistress. As Olivia gorges herself on the treasure in the vault, she sets off a trap that begins flooding the chamber with water. Sully, Jada and Suarez escape as Nate attempts to save Olivia, but she is dragged below water by an older, previous Minotaur. Nate also escapes, aiding Suarez in getting out of danger. However, Suarez dies after they have escaped the chamber. Before closing the Suarez's eyes, Nate thanks the mercenary for not killing them.[3]

Five days later, Nate and Sully attend Luka's funeral back in New York. Jada thanks both of them for what they've done and says that she considers both of them to be her family. Nate and Sully respond that they'll always be there for her, but Sully then informs Nate of a job that has come up in Peru. Nate seems reluctant at first, wanting to take a break from treasure-hunting, but he soon relents agrees to the proposal.[3]

[edit] Uncharted: Golden Abyss

 In April 2004 before the events of the Uncharted: Eye of Indra motion comic and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted: Golden Abyss follows Nate as he works with his old friend Jason Dante, and a new companion named Marisa Chase to uncover the mystery of a Spanish expedition that was massacred 400 years ago in Central America.[4]

[edit] Uncharted: Eye of Indra

While in Jakarta, Indonesia in June 2006,[5] Nate is hired by American crimelord Daniel Pinkerton to track down the Eye of Indra artefact, one of the three Treasures of Indra. Pinkerton has already collected two of the three Treasures of Indra, but the Eye has eluded him for some time. Nate begins searching for clues regarding the location of the Eye of Indra at a local bar, and there he comes under attack from several local people. Nate is able to subdue several of the locals, but when one of the thugs reveals he has a gun, a woman named Rika, who is the owner of the bar, aids Nate.[6]

Nate and Rika then retreat to Rika's room, where they discover that the Eye of Indra is actually hidden inside another one of the Treasures: the Path of Indra. After making this discovery, Nate and Rika make the decision to steal the artefact from Pinkerton, before sleeping together. When Nate wakes up the following morning, Rika informs him that she has told someone else about the proposed heist. However, before Nate has a chance to respond a group of pirates burst into the room and capture Nate and Rika. Following this, it is revealed that the pirates are led by Nate's old friend Eddy Raja, who is Rika's brother.[6]

Nate in Eye of Indra.

The decision is made to allow Eddy to be involved in the heist, and that night Nate and Eddy infiltrate Pinkerton's mansion. Nate and Eddy are able to battle their way to the room containing Pinkerton's safe, but there they are unable to open the safe and Pinkerton and his men soon catches up to them. Pinkerton takes Nate and Eddy hostage and tortures them for some time, before revealing that he has also captured Rika. At this point, Nate relents and tells Pinkerton the location of the Eye of Indra. However, after Pinkerton has open his safe and revealed the Eye, Rika subdues the henchman holding her and shoots Pinkerton in the chest using Eddy's Golden Gun. After Nate reveals that this is the climax of a plan that he improvised earlier, Pinkerton angrily declares that he is going to track Nate down. Nate replies nonchalantly, but then Rika shoots Pinkerton again, killing him.[6]

Nate, Eddy and Rika regroup at the dock, but there Rika double-crosses Nate and Eddy, taking the Eye of Indra artefact for herself and leaving Nate and Eddy empty-handed. Three days later, Nate discusses the events of the past few days with Sully, who tells Nate he shouldn't have trusted the Rajas. However, Nate seems largely apathetic towards the Eye of Indra, revealing that he has arranged a meeting with a journalist named Elena Fisher, who is going to aid him in raising the coffin of Francis Drake.[6]

[edit] Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

In September 2006, [5] Nate helps Elena in recovering the burial vessel of Francis Drake. However, when Nate breaks the casket open, the body of his ancestor is nowhere to be seen, with only a small journal tuck away in a metal case. After being questioned by Elena as to the significance of the journal, Nate spots a small band of boats belonging to Eddy Raja's pirates drawing closer. As matters become dire and their ship explodes, Sully swoops down just in time to save Nate and Elena.[7]

When the trio return to Panama, Nate and Sully look over the notes in the ancient journal to find a map leading to the fabled El Dorado. Deciding to cut Elena out of the deal, the two of them head to where they believe the temple of El Dorado is. When they arrive there they find it empty. However, they also discover a set of tracks leading outside the temple, eventually leading to a German U-Boat. Whilst Sully stays on dry land, Nate heads into the boat, where he discovers coordinates that will apparently lead to El Dorado. After leaving the boat, Nate discovers Sully being held at gunpoint by treasure-hunter Gabriel Roman, Roman's right-hand man Atoq Navarro, and a number of Navarro's mercenaries. Nate is forced to hand over what information he has on El Dorado, before Roman shoots Sully and turns the gun on Nate. However, an explosion inside the U-Boat gives Nate the chance to escape. Leaving a presumed-dead Sully behind, Nate runs into Elena Fisher, and together the two make their way past numerous mercenaries and decide to pursue El Dorado's treasure.[7]

En route to the island said to hold El Dorado, Nate and Elena's plane comes under attack from anti-aircraft turrets. Both Nate and Elena are forced to parachute out of the plane, and whilst Nate lands relatively safely, Elena is picked up by Eddy Raja's pirates. Nate is then forced to travel across the island to the fort where Elena is being held, fighting off mercenaries and pirates as he does so. Arriving at the fort, it is in fact Nate who ends up captured, and Elena must help him escape. From there the two travel to a drowned city; a port that previously belonged to a Spanish colony. Here the two find records that indicate that El Dorado is not a large city as is largely believed, but rather a huge golden statue. Furthermore, it is revealed that the statue is at a monastery up the river from the drowned city. After a brief argument, the two agree to head to the monastery and see if they can find the treasure.[7]

Arriving at the monastery, Nate and Elena soon come to the realisation that Sully is in fact not dead, and set out to find him. After fighting their way through waves of Navarro's mercenaries, the two arrive at a library and are reunited with Sully. However, this reunion does not last for long as Sully is cut off from Nate and Elena, with the latter two being forced down into the monastery's catacombs, where they come into contact with the Descendants - the mutated remains of the island's former inhabitants. After witnessing the Descendants kill Eddy Raja and the remains of his group of pirates, the two are able to escape the catacombs to an undercover bunker, previously belonging to the Germans. Here, the two are separated once more and Elena is kidnapped by Roman and Navarro.[7]

Racing to the rescue, Nate discovers that the statue harbours a terrible secret and it cannot be released to the world. Nate meets up with Sully and the two of them rush to stop El Dorado from leaving the island. Nate manages to hitch a ride on Navarro's helicopter, which is transporting El Dorado and Elena to Navarro's boat. A series of mistakes on the part of Navarro's mercenaries leads to Navarro's helicopter crashing into the boat. On the boat, Nate dispatches the last of the mercenaries and faces off against Navarro in a final showdown. After a short battle, Nate is able to send Navarro into the sea along with the statue, and tends to an injured Elena. As the two discuss the story that Nate still owes Elena, Sully turns up with a boat full of treasure he has stolen from Raja's pirates.[7]

[edit] Uncharted (comic)

Set before the events of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the six-issue Uncharted comic miniseries follows Nate and Sully as they use clues from the works of the legendary explorer Richard Byrd in an attempt to find the mythical Amber Room.[8]

[edit] Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

In August 2008, Nate is approached by former business associates Harry Flynn and Chloe Frazer about pulling off a heist. The trio infiltrate a Turkish museum and steal the artefact required by Flynn's client, an ancient lamp said to contain clues to the location of Marco Polo's Lost Fleet, a fleet of 300 sailors and 13 ships that disappeared without a trace on Polo's voyages. Nate and Flynn find the artefact, but when the time comes to steal it, Flynn turns on Nate and escapes alone, leaving Nate at the mercy of the Turkish authorities.[5]

Nate in Uncharted 2.

Nate is arrested and sentenced to some time in prison. However, 3 months later he is bailed by Chloe and Sully. The three then come up with a plan to find Marco Polo's Lost Fleet ahead of Flynn and his client, now revealed to be Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarević. By inserting Chloe into Lazarević's camp in Borneo to work as a double-agent, Nate is able to sneak into the camp undetected and read through the information Lazarević and Flynn have gathered. From this information, Nate deducts that they must head to Borneo's high ground to find the Lost Fleet, so Sully and Chloe join him in searching the temple in Borneo's mountains.[5]

In the temple, Nate and his companions find the remains of the Lost Fleet. Information found amongst the skeletons and debris indicates the Lost Fleet had knowledge on the location of the mythical city Shambhala, where the legendary Cintamani Stone is said to be. However, before Nate and his companions can capitalise on this information they are caught up to by Lazarević, Flynn and a number of Lazarević's soldiers, which means Chloe is forced to turn her gun on Nate and Sully to protect her cover. Chloe later helps Nate and Sully to escape, but not before Nate has had to give up all of his information to Flynn and Lazarević - the next clue to the location of Shambhala is in Nepal.[5]

After the harrowing events in Nepal, Sully decides to sit this adventure out, leaving Nate and Chloe to find Shambhala on their own. The two of them make their way through the war-torn city, fighting off waves of Lazarević's soldiers, before discovering the temple that they believe holds the next clue to the location of Shambhala. As they make their way to the temple, they come across Elena Fisher and her cameraman Jeff, who are also on the trail of Lazarević. With this common goal, the pairs team up and continue onto the temple together. At the temple, Nate and Chloe discover that Shambhala lies in the Himalayan Mountains. However, upon leaving the temple Nate and Chloe find that Elena and Jeff, left outside on sentry duty, have been set upon by one of Lazarević's patrols, with Jeff having been shot and seriously wounded. Nate attempts to carry the injured Jeff to safety, but they move too slowly and are caught up to by Lazarević and Flynn, which means that again, Chloe is forced to turn her gun on Nate and his companions. Lazarević then mercilessly kills Jeff in cold blood, but Nate and Elena are able to escape, and they agree to a plan that includes saving Chloe and beating Lazarević to Shambhala.[5]

Nate in Uncharted 2.

For this plan to work, Nate must infiltrate Lazarević's train, which is en route to the Himalayas. Nate is successful in this, and fights his way through numerous soldiers before coming to Lazarevic's right-hand man, Lieutenant Draza. After an exhausting fight, Nate is able to dispose of Draza. However, shortly after this Flynn appears with a squad of soldiers, ready to execute Nate. In an effort to save himself, Nate shoots at a Propane Tank, which explodes and sends the section of the train Nate was riding on over the edge of a cliff high in the mountains. After the explosion, Nate is able to escape the train before it falls down the cliff-face, and is able to recover the Phurba dagger - the apparent key to Shambhala - before he passes out.[5]

Sometime later, Nate awakes in a Tibetan village. Elena is there, and she introduces him to Karl Schäfer, a former Nazi, and Tenzin, a Tibetan mountaineer. Schäfer sends Nate into the mountains with Tenzin to find Schäfer's previous Nazi expedition to find the Cintamani Stone. After fighting off a Shambhala Guardian disguised as a yeti, Nate discovers the remains of Schäfer's expedition, and with it he discovers the true power of Cintamani Stone; a power that cannot be released to the world. Making their way back to the village, Nate and Tenzin find it under siege by Lazarević and his soldiers. Nate and the Tibetan villagers are able to fend off the attack, but Lazarević still succeeds in kidnapping Schäfer and the Phurba dagger.[5]

Nate reunites with Elena and the two pursue Lazarević to a monastery high in the mountains. Here, after some time of searching, the two come across a severely-wounded Schäfer. Schäfer dies in Nate's arms, but not before telling Nate that he must stop Lazarević. Soon after, Nate recovers the Phurba dagger from Chloe and he and Elena head off to Shambhala. However, before they can enter, they are caught up to by Lazarević's entourage. With both Elena and Chloe at gunpoint, Nate is forced to open the gates of Shambhala. He succeeds, and the entourage advance into the mythical city. However, the group is soon set upon by more Shambhala Guardians, which gives Nate, Elena and Chloe the opportunity to escape. Moving through the city, Nate and his companions come to the realisation that the Cintamani Stone is actually not a large gem as was previously expected, but rather an amber stone of resin embedded in the Tree of Life.[5]

Not long after this revelation, Flynn re-appears with a grenade in hand. After a brief argument with Nate and his companions, Flynn activates the grenade in an attempt to kill Nate, Elena and Chloe. Flynn dies in vain as he in unsuccessful in this venture. He does however, manage to wound Elena. Nate orders Chloe to carry Elena out of Shambhala to safety, before heading off to confront Lazarević Nate finds Lazarević by the Tree of Life, after the war criminal has drunk from the tree's resin sap. This resin gives Lazarević almost superhuman strength, and after a prolonged battle Nate manages to use the flammable resin to his advantage. However, Nate declines the opportunity to kill Lazarević in cold blood and instead leaves him at the mercy of the Guardians. Nate leaves the Tree of Life to find Shambhala crumbling around him, and rushes to the exit, only escaping with the help of Chloe.[5]

Sometime later, back in the Tibetan village Nate watches as Tenzin gives Schäfer a Tibetan funeral. Chloe then joins him, and the two watch as Elena takes her first steps since being blown up in Shambhala. Chloe asks if Nate loves Elena, and Nate answers indirectly that he does. Chloe accepts this and moves on, leaving Elena and Nate to watch the sun set over the mountains.[5]

[edit] Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

In January 2011, In London, Nate and Sully enter a public house called "The Pelican Inn". After being frisked by thug Charlie Cutter, they engage in negotiations with Talbot, whose client is offering a large sum of money for Francis Drake's ring. However, the deal turns sour when Nate realises that the money is fake, and Nate snatches the ring away, calling the deal off. Talbot leaves after telling Cutter and a gang of hired thugs to attack Nate and Sully. After a prolonged fistfight with a number of thugs in the public house, Nate and Sully make their escape. However, as they exit they are attacked and left in the gutter by Cutter and several additional thugs. Talbot then reappears with Marlowe, his client. After a brief conversation, Marlowe takes Drake's ring, and when Nate attempts to retrieve this, Cutter shoots both Nate and Sully. Marlowe and Talbot scold Cutter for this wanton shooting, before leaving in a car.[1]

Cutter then tells Nate and Sully that Marlowe has left and they open their eyes, revealing that Cutter is actually allies with Nate and Sully. Nate, Sully and Cutter meet up with their driver, Chloe, before locating Marlowe's hideout. As Chloe turns back, Nate makes his way into Marlowe's hideout with Sully and Cutter. After defeating a number of Marlowe's agents, they come to an abandoned underground train station, before ultimately coming to Marlowe's secret library. There, they overhear a conversation between Marlowe and Talbot, where they discover that they have a forged version of Drake's ring. After Marlowe and Talbot leave, Nate and his companions drop down to investigate Marlowe's library. In the library, they look over all of the information gathered by Marlowe, before Nate discovers a map that states that Drake once sailed to the Arabian Peninsula. Nate, Sully and Cutter must then battle their way out of Marlowe's hideout, and after defeating a number of agents escape in Chloe's van. Regrouping at their London apartment, Nate and his companions discover that Drake was sent on a mission by Queen Elizabeth I to find Iram of the Pillars, a lost city said to be in the Rub' al Khali desert. Furthermore, they work out that the next clues to the location of Iram are in France and Syria. Nate and Sully head to France, while Cutter and Chloe make their way to Syria.[1]
Nate in Uncharted 3.

In Eastern France, Nate and Sully investigate a chateau. However, they are not there long before Talbot arrives with a small army of agents and thugs. Nate and Sully defeat a number of enemies and solve several puzzles on their way to finding a tomb containing one-half of an amulet that holds the next clue to the location of Iram. However, moments after retrieving the amulet, Talbot arrives with several agents, and Nate is forced to hand over the amulet to an agent. A swarm of spiders then attacks the tomb, killing the agent before Talbot and the remaining callously leave. Nate and Sully are able to escape the tomb and the spiders, only to discover that Talbot has ordered the thugs to set fire to the chateau. Nate and Sully kill a number of enemies on their way to escaping the chateau. However, upon escaping the chateau Nate and Sully become aware that if they have been followed, it is likely Cutter and Chloe have been followed too.[1]

A day later, Nate and Sully arrive in Syria, and find that Cutter and Chloe have been followed by a number of agents. Nonetheless, they are still able to find the entrance to the tomb that contains the second half of the amulet. However, at this point Cutter is drugged by Talbot, and as Nate tries to encourage the claustrophobic Cutter through several gaps he becomes agitated and attacks Nate, attempting to choke him. Cutter eventually lets go at the insistence of Sully and Chloe, and the drug wears off. Nate and his companions continue on, before solving an elaborate puzzle involving a large rotatable globe that gives them access to the tomb. In the tomb, Nate retrieves the second half of the amulet and matches it up to the sketch he made of the first one, which reveals that the next clue to the location of Iram is in Yemen. At this point Nate and his companions hear the voices of the agents and decide to make their exit, although they come across Talbot and several agents as they leave. Talbot notes that it is a stalemate, before Cutter turns his gun on Nate, Sully and Chloe, seemingly under the influence of the drug again. However, Cutter then turns his gun on Talbot and shoots him and the agents, revealing he was deceiving Talbot. As they escape, Nate, Sully and Chloe jump from a rooftop to a wooden beam, which crumbles beneath them, leaving Cutter stranded on the roof. Marlowe and Talbot then reappear, before setting the roof on fire. Cutter is forced to jump off the roof, although he breaks his leg doing this. Nate must cover Sully and Cutter as Sully carries Cutter out of the Syrian fortress to a bus. This marks the end of the adventure for Cutter and Chloe, as Nate and Sully continue on to Yemen without them.[1]

In Yemen, Nate and Sully meet up with Elena, who is now a foreign correspondent. As they make their way through the Yemeni village, they discover that Talbot is also there with a number of agents. After following Talbot for a short time, Nate is attacked by several agents in the marketplace. Nate defeats the agents, but this skirmish attracts the attention of the Yemeni police, and Nate, Sully and Elena make a quick exit. Coincidentally, they end up at the well that leads in into the underground area that contains the next clue to the location of Iram. In the underground area, Nate solves two elaborate puzzles before realising that this is as far as Drake got on his quest. Advancing into the heart of the underground system, a design showing the stars in the sky show the location of Iram in the Rub' al Khali desert. Sully remembers the coordinates, before spiders swarm the area. Nate makes a hasty exit with Sully and Elena, but as they leave they are attacked by Marlowe's agents. Shortly after defeating these agents and climbing out of the well, Talbot shoots Nate with a dart containing an hallucinogenic agent. Nate pushes Sully and Elena away, before running through the streets of Yemen while hallucinating and then passing out.[1]

When Nate regains consciousness, he is seated at a table with Marlowe, Talbot and the pirate captain Rameses. In the conversation that ensues, Marlowe reveals that she knows much about Nate's past, but the conversation is cut short when Marlowe's forces locate Sully, who has the coordinates to Iram. When Marlowe is informed of this, she says that Nate is unneeded and Rameses approaches the table. However, Nate jumps up from the table and chases after Talbot through the streets of Yemen. Nate is able to catch up to Talbot and engages him in a fistfight, but as Nate begins to take advantage he is hit from behind and knocked unconscious by Rameses. When Nate wakes up, he finds himself on a ship in a ship graveyard, surrounded by Rameses' Indian Ocean pirates. Nate is unable to reveal the location to Iram to Rameses, leading to the pirate leaving and saying he is going to interrogate Sully instead. Nate is able to break his bonds and defeats the pirates, before making his way the ship graveyard, defeating many more pirates. After being caught up in a large wave, Nate is able to board the cruise ship carrying Rameses and his pirates. On the cruise ship, Nate makes his way through a number of pirates, including the heavily-armoured Brute, before coming to the ship's hold. There he discovers that Sully is actually not on the ship, before he is surrounded by the pirates. Nate shoots Rameses and then throws a grenade at the pirates, causing an explosion that leads to the ship to begin sinking. Nate must then make his way off the sinking ship, coming across a heavily-wounded Rameses before jumping from the ship and grabbing onto a piece of driftwood.[1]

Nate drifts back to the Yemeni shore, where he regroups with Elena and devises a plan to save Sully by intercepting Marlowe's caravan in the Rub' al Khali desert. The next morning, Nate and Elena sneak into an airfield where a cargo plane is preparing to depart to drop supplies to Marlowe's caravan. Nate is able to board the plane with help from Elena, Nate is able to board the plane, although he discovered mid-flight. After defeating a large agent on the plane, Nate engages a number of agents in a gunfight, which causes a large explosion in the side of the plane. The cargo plane crashes, and Nate spends some time wandering the desert, before coming to a desert village. Nate makes his way into the village, before coming across a number of Marlowe's agents. Nate battles off a number of agents, before the Bedouin riders arrive and defeat Marlowe's agents, while sparing Nate and taking him to their camp. That night, the Sheikh of the Bedouin Salim agrees to help Nate attack Marlowe's caravan, due to the horrors that will be released from Iram is Marlowe is able to get there.[1]

The next day, Nate attacks Marlowe's caravan with Salim and the Bedouin. They are able to defeat the trucks in the caravan, before saving Sully from one of the lead cars. However, as they push on in order to stop Marlowe from entering Iram, a sandstorm engulfs the desert, separating Nate and Sully from Salim and the Bedouin. Nate and Sully continue on alone, defeating a number of Marlowe's agents and completing a large weight-orientated puzzle before entering Iram. In Iram, Nate drinks from a water fountain and then witnesses being Sully shot by Talbot. As Nate gives chase to Marlowe and Talbot, he must battle the "Djinn", Marlowe's agents who have been transformed into fire spirits. However, after Nate is attacked by his own reflection he comes to and realises he has been hallucinating. Continuing on through Iram, Nate meets up with Sully and discovers that the water he drunk earlier must contain an hallucinogenic agent. Nate and Sully then stop Marlowe and Talbot from removing the evil spirits from Iram, as Nate destroys the operation using a flare gun. This causes Iram to begin collapsing around them, and as Nate and Sully escape they come across Marlowe and Talbot, and Marlowe is trapped in quicksand shortly after. Nate attempts to save her but is ultimately unsuccessful, and a fight between Nate and Talbot then ensues. As Talbot begins to take the advantage, Sully shoots and kills Talbot, before Salim rides in on horseback to save Nate and Sully from the crumbling city.[1]

Later, as Nate and Sully prepare to leave Yemen, Sully hands Nate a replica of Francis Drake's ring, as the real ring was lost as Nate attempted to save Marlowe. Sully then gestures to Elena, who is coming across the airfield to meet them. With Nate and Elena holding hands, Sully shows them the plane they are using to get home: one that is similar to the one that Nate and Elena destroyed four years earlier.[1]

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[edit] Behind the scenes

Nathan "Nate" Drake first appears in the 2007 video game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and has since gone on to appear in all Uncharted media as the primary protagonist. In all of his adult appearances, Nate is voiced by American actor Nolan North,[9][10][11] while in the sequences in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception featuring a young Nate, he is voiced by American actor Billy Unger.[12] North has an extensive list of voice-acting credits, and outside of the Uncharted series, is perhaps best-known for his voicing of Desmond Miles in the Assassin's Creed video game series.[13] North's first audition for the role of Nate was in August 2006, and North was cast in the role after being told that he had portrayed Nate perfectly and that he was essentially the character.[14] Furthermore, one of North's final auditions for the part paired him up with Emily Rose, the eventual voice actor for journalist Elena Fisher. This made the final product easier because there was already substantial chemistry between the two when they began recording the game. When North returned to voice Nate in the sequels to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, he was also part of the casting team, in order to establish the best chemistry between actors before recording.[15]

Uncharted developers Naughty Dog created Nate with the intention of making him an "ordinary guy", and attempted to make him a fully-fleshed out character through gameplay and cutscenes in the Uncharted video games.[16] Naughty Dog's past projects have featured characters that were very noticeable and very pronounced: Jak in the Jak and Daxter series and Crash Bandicoot from the Crash Bandicoot series. When developing the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog wished to create a leading character that was more realistic; Nate is their respresentation of a hero who is humble and fallible.[17]

[edit] Reception

Reception to Nate has largely been positive. In reviews for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Nate was praised for being "funny"[18] and "charming".[19] Nate was also praised for being an enjoyable character to play with, with GamingExcellence calling him a "very likeable everyman".[20] In its early development stages, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was often compared to the Tomb Raider series, and PlayStation Universe would address this comparison when they said that "Lara Croft has nothing on Nathan Drake".[21]

A review of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in The Telegraph said Nate was a "terrific lead", saying he had an "endearing vulnerability" while on his adventures. The character of Nate was called "handsome", "roughish" and praised for being one of the most "likeable video game characters" of his generation.[22] These good reviews for Nate in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves were universal, with ElectricPig calling him "wisecracking" and a "truly likeable protagonist".[23]

Nate has widely been recognised as one of the leading video game characters in recent history, as he was declared "Mister 2007" by GamesRadar in a feature discussing the sexiest new characters of the past decade.[24] The same website would also go on to rate Nate as one of the top 25 new characters of the decade.[25] Meanwhile, the readers of popular gaming magazine GameInformer rated Nate as the fourth in a poll of their favourite characters from the past decade.[26]

North's voice work as Nate in the series has also been praised. A review in The Telegraph praised North for his voice work in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, saying that Nate is "voiced with exceptional skill".[22] Furthermore, North's voice-acting in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as Nate earned him a nomination at the 2010 Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) Awards, in the "Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance" category.[27]

[edit] Notes

A: This information comes from the online game Uncharted: Drake's Trail, which Naughty Dog was not involved it. Therefore, the canonicity of this information is questionable.

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