Olivia Hzujak

Olivia Hzujak
Gender Female
Born America
Nationality American
Relatives Luka Hzujak (husband)
Jadranka "Jada" Hzujak (stepdaughter)
Status Deceased
Appearances Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth

Olivia Hzujak is the primary antagonist of the 2011 novel Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth.

In the novel, she is the wife of Luka Hzujak, a world-famous archaeologist who is found murdered in New York. Luka's daughter Jadranka believes that Olivia and her employer, Norwegian businessman Tyr Henriksen, are behind the killing.


[edit] Biography

Olivia Hzujak is married to Luka Hzujak, and her stepdaughter is Luka's biological daughter Jadranka or "Jada", who she shares a strained relationship with. Olivia, who is described as beautiful, is in her early forties, with blonde hair that is stylishly cut at the shoulders. Olivia works for weapons manufacturer Phoenix Innovations, and her boss is Norwegian businessman Tyr Henriksen.[1]

[edit] Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth

In October, Olivia's husband Luka is found murdered in New York, having been killed by the Protectors of the Hidden Word, a secret society set up to guard the mysteries held within ancient labyrinths. Luka and Henriksen were researching labyrinths and working together before Luka broke away from Henriksen and made a discovery that was enough to be killed. Picking up the pieces of Luka's research, Olivia and Henriksen make their way to the excavation site of the labyrinth of Sobek in Crocodilopolis, Egypt. While there, Olivia is made aware of the fact that her stepdaughter Jada is also due to visit the excavation site, along with Luka's friend Nathan "Nate" Drake and Victor "Sully" Sullivan. Olivia follows the three from their hotel to a restaurant, where she seems glad to see them. Jada believes this is an act and storms out, only to be attacked by a gang of thugs. As Nate and Sully are preoccupied with saving Jada, Olivia slips away.[1]

The following day, Olivia and Henriksen are given a tour of the excavation site by the director of the expedition. Towards the end of the tour, Olivia and Henriksen come across Jada, Nate and Sully, who have just discovered a secret passage below the labyrinth's anteroom. The secret passage contains three rooms to represent three labyrinths, and the least-known of these labyrinths is on the Greek archipelago of Thera, also known as Santorini. Jada, Nate and Sully are heading to Thera, and Olivia and Henriksen follow them.[1]

Arriving in Thera, Olivia and Henriksen, along with Henriksen's bodyguard Corelli and several hired guns, follow Jada, Nate and Sully into a labyrinth beneath a damaged fortress. When Olivia and Henriksen come across Jada, Nate and Sully, it is not long before they are all attacked by the Protectors of the Hidden Word. Although the Protectors are fought off, they are able to drag Sully away into the labyrinth. Moving to the heart of the labyrinth, the discovery is made that there exists a fourth labyrinth in China, and this is what Luka was researching before his murder. Henriksen offers Jada and Nate the opportunity to fly to China with them and they reluctantly agree. On the flight, an employee at Phoenix Innovations directs Olivia and Henriksen to the Chinese city of Nanjing, where "Diyu", the Chinese Hell is supposed to lie under the city.[1]

Arriving in Nanjing, they meet up with a squad of mercenaries to guide them through Diyu. The entourage enters Diyu through the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, and as they advance through the labyrinth Olivia turns on Henriksen, revealing that it is her who Corelli and the mercenaries are loyal to. Olivia orders Henriksen, Jada and Nate to be executed by the mercenaries, but Nate is able to kill Corelli and the whole group is soon attacked by a large group of Protectors. Henriksen, Jada and Nate are able to escape in the skirmish that ensues, and a number of mercenaries perish during the battle.[1]

The mercenaries are able to defeat the Protectors, though at a cost as only three mercenaries remain after the battle. Olivia, along with Massarsky, Garza and Suarez, advances into the heart of the labyrinth, where they are there confronted by the "Minotaur"; a human being that has been transformed into the mythical beast after consuming a concoction containing the white hellebore flower. The Minotaur is able to kill Massarsky and Garza, although Olivia and Suarez are able to slay the beast, before moving into the labyrinth's treasure vault, where Suarez aids in defeating the final Protectors. This leaves Olivia to gorge on the many treasures that fill the room, but as Olivia inspects the treasures she sets off a trap that floods the chamber. Jada, Sully and Suarez are able to escape the vault, and although Nate attempts to save her, Olivia is dragged beneath the water to her death by an ageing, former Minotaur.[1]

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Behind the scenes

Olivia Hzujak is first seen in the 2011 novel Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth,[1] after being created for the novel by author Christopher Golden.

[edit] References

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