Propane Tank


[edit] Description

Though not technically a weapon, Propane tanks are scattered across the many single and multi-player battlegrounds and can be detonated when shot at. The explosion is similar to that of a standard Mk-NDI grenade, and can also cause knockdown depends on the distance between the tank and its intended target.

Propane tanks adopt one of the new mechanisms present in Uncharted 2's gameplay. This new throwing mechanic allows players to carry the tank in one hand, with a pistol in the other. Holding down the L2 button will sketch out a throwing arc, identical to the one that appears when throwing a grenades. However, throwing a Propane Tank isn't enough to explode it; as soon as it is thrown, players can then detonate it by shooting. It may sound like a hard feat, but once it is thrown, there is an automatic aiming system in place, making sure players will be able to utilise Porpane Tanks efficiently.

[edit] Locations

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