Rameses in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Appearances Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Voice actor Sayed Badreya
Affiliation Indian Ocean pirates

Rameses, voiced by Sayed Badreya, is an antagonist that appears in the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

In the game, Rameses is the captain of the Indian Ocean pirates, who kidnap treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake and interrogate him for the location of the lost city Iram of the Pillars.


[edit] Biography

Rameses is a captain of the Indian Ocean pirates, who operate out of a ship graveyard in Yemen. Rameses also owns a cruise ship and is bilingual, speaking both English and Arabic.[1]

[edit] Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

In a Yemeni city cafe, Rameses is present when Talbot drugs treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake, and Rameses watches as Katherine Marlowe and Talbot attempt to retrieve the location of the lost city Iram of the Pillars from treasure-hunter Nate. When Marlowe's agents locate Nate's friend, antique-dealer Victor "Sully" Sullivan, Marlowe says that Nate is now unneeded and Rameses approaches the table where Nate is seated. However, Nate jumps off from the table, starting Rameses and giving chase to Talbot. After a prolonged chase through the streets of Yemen, Nate catches up to Talbot and engages him in a fistfight. As Nate begins to take the advantage, Rameses appears, knocking Nate unconscious by hitting him with a plank of wood.[1]

Rameses is then ordered by Marlowe to kill Nate, but instead he takes Nate to the Yemeni ship graveyard. There, Rameses asks Nate for the location of Iram, although Nate is unable to answer. Rameses leaves Nate to be interrogated by his Indian Ocean pirates, telling Nate that he will torture Sully for the location of Iram instead.[1]

Rameses in Uncharted 3.

Nate then battles his way through the pirates in the ship graveyard, eventually boarding Rameses' cruise ship. On the cruise ship, Rameses tells the pirates over the intercom to take Sully to the cargo hold. However, when Nate arrives in the hold it becomes apparent he has been fooled, as Sully is not there; only a set of clothes tied to a chair. As Nate makes this revelation, Rameses appears with his pirates, saying that all the trouble Nate has caused is going to end. Rameses then orders a pirate to tie Nate up, although as the pirate approaches Nate head butts him, before taking a grenade from him and throwing it onto the other side of the cargo hold. Nate then shoots Rameses in the chest, wounding him. As two pirates attempt to carry Rameses to safety, the grenade explodes, causing water to begin flooding into the ship.[1]

Rameses comes across Nate in the ship's ballroom as the treasure-hunter attempts to escape from the sinking and capsized ship. Rameses, who is severely-wounded as he bleeds from a chest wound, tells Nate he will see him in Hell, before shooting at the glass partition holding back the seawater. Rameses dies as water floods the ballroom, but he ultimately dies in vain as Nate is able to escape from the ship.[1]

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Behind the scenes

Rameses first appears in the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and is is voiced by Egyptian filmmaker and actor Sayed Badreya, who is perhaps best known for his roles in the 2008 motion pictures You Don't Mess with the Zohan and Iron Man.[2] Rameses' inclusion in the game was confirmed when information about the character was included on the website of an upcoming film directed by Badreya.[3] Badreya also provides voice work for the Bedouin riders in the Uncharted series.[4]

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