Stay in the Light

Stay in the Light
Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan survey the chateau.
Game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Chapter 7
Preceded by The Chateau
Succeeded by The Citadel
Treasures 1

Stay in the Light is the seventh chapter of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The chapter follows treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake and antique-dealer Victor "Sully" Sullivan as they attempt to escape from a swarm of spiders in a burning chateau in Eastern France.


[edit] Synopsis

Treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake and antique-dealer Victor "Sully" Sullivan must escape from a spider-infested tomb in a French chateau after collecting an amulet that attracts the spiders. While Sully holds the spiders off with his flaming torch, Nate locates an exit in the ceiling and boosts Sully up, before Sully reaches down and pulls Nate up. Nate and Sully run through the chateau in an attempt to escape from the spiders, and are eventually able to lose them after exiting onto the roof of the chateau.[1]

After dropping back into another area of the chateau, Nate and Sully spot their adversary Talbot ordering a gang of hired thugs to set fire to the chateau. After Talbot has left, Nate and Sully must find a way out of the chateau while battling the thugs. With all entrances and exits blocked or on fire, Nate and Sully must climb to the roof of the chateau, where they must outrun a collapsing tower that is part of the chateau. The tower collapses into the roof, and the force of the collapsing knocks Nate and Sully off the roof. However, they are able to grab onto another area of the chateau and slide down to safety on solid ground. After a brief argument where Sully questions Nate's motives for wanting to find the mythical lost city Iram of the Pillars and chastises him for being reckless, Nate and Sully realise that if they were followed to France, their companions Chloe Frazer and Charlie Cutter were probably followed on their expedition to Syria. Nate and Sully make decide to follow Chloe and Cutter to Syria, arriving the following night.[1]

[edit] Treasures

Stay in the Light features one Treasure:

[edit] Behind the scenes

Stay in the Light is the seventh chapter of the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, with the burning chateau featured in this chapter serving as the inspiration for the Chateau map in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception multiplayer.

[edit] References

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