The Drowned City

The Drowned City
Game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Chapter 8
Preceded by Out of the Frying Pan
Succeeded by To the Tower
Treasures 2

The Drowned City is the eight chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

[edit] Summary

After escaping from Eddy Raja in the previous chapter, Out of the Frying Pan, Nathan "Nate" Drake and Elena Fisher must fight their way through more of Eddy's pirates to a jet ski, which they use to travel through the flooded ruins of the former Spanish colony.

However, they are not safe on the jet ski, as they get fired on by more of Eddy's pirates, some of them handling M79 Grenade Launchers. To avoid the jet ski being blown up by these grenade launchers, Elena must fire at the pirates using her own M79.

When Nate and Elena come up against a gate preventing them from further advancing through the colony, Nate must get off the jet ski and fight his way through more of Eddy's pirates on his way to climbing a tower and twisting a lever to open the gate.

[edit] Treasures

The two treasures available for collection in The Drowned City are:

  • Decorated Silver Ring
  • Silver Frog

[edit] Trivia

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