The Treasure Vault

The Treasure Vault
Game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Chapter 16
Preceded by On the Trail of the Treasure
Succeeded by The Heart of the Vault
Treasures 3

The Treasure Vault is the sixteenth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

[edit] Summary

After discovering a hidden entrance that he believes will lead to the statue of El Dorado, Nathan "Nate" Drake and his companion Elena Fisher must make their way through an elaborate maze system. After navigating the system structure, which includes jumping between high structures and ducking beneath large flaming torches, Eddy Raja and his pirates, fresh off of being fired by Gabriel Roman, appear. They are also looking for the statue, and Nate and Elena must engage in a firefight with them before moving further into the vault, leading to the next chapter: The Heart of the Vault.

[edit] Treasures

Three treasures can be collected in The Treasure Vault:

  • Silver Cup and Cover
  • Jeweled Silver Brooch
  • Gold Snuff Box

[edit] Trivia

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