Uncharted (comic)

The cover of Uncharted #1.
Publisher DC Comics[1]
Schedule Monthly
Genre Pulp adventure[2]
Publication date November 30, 2011 - April 25, 2012
Number of issues 6[2]
Writer Josh Williamson[1]
Artists Francesco Francavilla[1]
Sergio Sandoval (penciller)[2]
Tony Harris (covers)[2]
Adam Hughes (covers)[1]

Uncharted is a six-issue comic miniseries written by Joshua Williamson, which serves as a tie-in to the Uncharted video game series.

The miniseries follows treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake and antique-dealer Victor "Sully" Sullivan as they use clues from the works of legendary explorer Richard Byrd in an attempt to uncover the mythical Amber Room.

Released in a monthly format from November 2011 to April 2012, Uncharted received a largely positive reception from critics.


[edit] Development

The comic series was first announced at the San Diego Comic-Con in July 2011, having been in development for an undetermined amount of time prior to the announcement. At Comic-Con, it was revealed Josh Williamson would be writing the comic miniseries, while Francesco Francavilla was attached to the project as an artist, and Adam Hughes would be working on covers for the comics in the miniseries. Sergio Sandoval was later added to the project as a penciller, and it was announced Tony Harris would also be working on the miniseries' covers. In an interview in August 2011, Williamson revealed more about the comic miniseries, including details about the miniseries' plot and information on the characters that would be involved in the comic. At this juncture, it was also clarified that the comic would take the form of a six-issue miniseries.[1][2]

Williamson is a fan of the Uncharted video game series, having played Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves prior to writing the comic miniseries. Williamson first became involved in the project during the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, as he spoke to the editor at DC Comics. Many people applied for the job of writer for the comic, and ultimately staff at Naughty Dog chose Williamson to be the writer for the in-demand project.[3]

Williamson spent some time researching his pitch for the comic's plot, including explorer Sir Francis Drake, the legendary Amber Room and renowned explorer/pilot Richard Byrd. Naughty Dog responded well to Williamson's pitch, and he subsequently worked on the project with Amy Hennig, the creative director at Naughty Dog. Since the comic was in development at the same time as video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Williamson had to avoid certain topics when developing the plot, so while was able to expand on primary protagonist Nathan "Nate" Drake's back-story to an extent, he had to ensure what he was creating was consistent with the story that Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception was telling.[3][4]

[edit] Plot

The comic is in a nonlinear narrative, as it includes various flashbacks. This plot summary presents the story in a linear structure.

In the jungle, treasure hunters Nathan "Nate" Drake and Harry Flynn have just retrieved treasure from a crashed plane in a set of ruins. As Nate and Flynn attempt to make their escape, they come under fire from a set of enemies. Although they are pinned down for some time, Nate defeats them by shooting at a gas tank on a nearby truck. Regrouping at a hotel, Nate and Flynn divide up the treasure retrieved from the plane; although Nate only wishes to take a journal found in the plane. Flynn leaves with the remaining treasure, as antique-dealer Victor "Sully" Sullivan enters the hotel room to see if Nate was successful in retrieving the journal. Sully mentions that they have some time before they have to give the journal to their buyers - the Ludlows - and suggests they go to the bar. There, Nate decrypts the code in the journal, revealing that it's the lost flight journal of legendary explorer Richard Byrd. Furthermore, the journal suggests that Byrd was tasked with hiding the legendary Amber Room in Agartha, a city said to exist under the "Hollow Earth" hypothesis.[5]

Nate and Sully then meet with the brother-and-sister buyer duo of Michael Ludlow and Rose Doughty and hand over the journal. However, Nate and Sully have taken an interest in the Amber Room and plan to win the Amber Seal - which holds the clue to the location of the Room - at a black market auction, which is being held in Ukraine. Nate and Sully make their way to a Ukrainian castle ahead of the auction, but as Nate carries out reconnaissance, he is discovered by Australian explorer Chloe Frazer, who holds him at gunpoint.[5]

Nate is able to escape from Chloe, and the next day he and Sully attend the black market auction. There, Sully notices mobster Mykola Rusnak, before Nate also sees the Ludlows entering the auction. Nate and Sully then spread out to search for the Amber Seal; while Nate is caught by Rusnak and must be saved by Chloe, Sully overhears a conversation that reveals the auction for the Seal is rigged in favour of the Ludlows. With this revelation, it is decided that Nate will have to steal the Seal before the auction.[6]

That evening, Nate infiltrates the castle; although he finds that the castle's security guards have already been incapacitated. This turns out to be the work of Chloe, and the two then engage in a short fistfight, with Chloe coming out on top. Nate is later able to catch up to Chloe and looks at the Seal before Chloe takes it for herself. However, when Chloe takes the Seal she triggers an alarm. Nate and Chloe escape from the castle's security as Chloe blows up a portion of the castle, before Chloe throws the Seal to Nate, revealing that it's not what she requites. As he escapes, Nate is unable to contact Sully; a car then pulls up, containing the Ludlows and a bound Sully. Nate and Sully are taken to a restaurant where the Ludlows order Nate to decipher the code on the back of the Amber Seal. Nate complies, revealing that the code is a set of coordinates leading to the North Pole; however, before this the Ludlows reveal that they are descendants of Tomas Doughty, Sir Francis Drake's former travelling companion, who was executed after Drake accused him of treason. The Ludlows then leave, saying that Rusnak has been alerted to their whereabouts. Nate and Sully are able to escape from their bounds and escape from the restaurant, but upon exiting they finds themselves held at gunpoint by Rusnak and a gang of Russian mobsters.[6]

Rusnak holds Nate and Sully at gunpoint as he attempts to gain information from them regarding the Amber Seal; however, as he threatens to shoot Sully, Chloe appears and shoots the mobsters, before driving Nate and Sully away in a jeep. A furious Rusnak gives chase to the trio, but he and his jeep are soon sent hurtling over a cliff, with the subsequent explosion presumably killing him.[7]

After Nate and Sully allow Chloe to help them on their search for the Amber Room, the trio make their way to the North Pole. There they find the Ludlows, after they were given the incorrect coordinates by Nate. When the Ludlows are distracted, Nate, Sully and Chloe sneak onto their plane, only to be caught by the Ludlows moments later. With Chloe being held at gunpoint by the Ludlows, Nate and Sully are forced to pilot the plane down into the gorge where the Amber Room is said to be. After a rough landing is handled by Sully, the entourage come across Byrd's camp, where they discover the Amber Room, though it has been destroyed.[7]

Instead of finding the Amber Room, the entourage finds a map of the underworld and a large set of doors. Michael fumes over this discovery, which begins an argument between him and Rose, and allows Nate and Chloe to defeat the Ludlows' security guards and make their way through the doorway. As Nate and Chloe advance, they come across a wall painting depicting Byrd and the "Smoking Gods"; however, soon they are pursued by the Ludlows and their guards, and Chloe almost falls into a hole before Nate saves her.[8]

Nate and Chloe continue on through the underground, walking across a plane that balances above a river of lava. As they do so, Nate questions Chloe on her backstory and her motives for helping him; however, he receives an unserious reply. After crossing the river of lava, Nate and Chloe come to a room where Chloe falls down a hole. Nate repels down to save her, and finds her largely unharmed. The Ludlows arrive shortly afterwards; they threaten Nate, although Nate is adamant they must leave the area, as the Smoking Gods are approaching.[8]

[edit] Characters

  • Nathan "Nate" Drake is a treasure-hunter who is said to be a descendant of legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake. Nate serves as the primary protagonist of the comic miniseries, as he searches for the Amber Room using clues from the works of another great explorer, Richard Byrd.[2]
  • Victor "Sully" Sullivan is an antique-dealer and Nate's best friend. Sully can be seen throughout the comic miniseries aiding Nate on his search for the Amber Room.[2]
  • Chloe Frazer appears in the comic, aiding Nate on his search for the Amber Room. The comic miniseries explains how Chloe and Nate met.[4]
  • Michael Ludlow and Rose Doughty are a pair of siblings who are descendants of Tomas Doughty, Francis Drake's former travelling companion.
  • Mykola Rusnak is a Russian who has connections to the mob and is interested in the Amber Seal.

British explorer Harry Flynn has an early cameo in Uncharted #1,[2] as he aids Nate in recovering Byrd's journal and other treasures. Although she appears on some of the comic miniseries' covers, journalist Elena Fisher does not appear in the comic.[4]

[edit] Publication and reception

When the miniseries was first announced, it was said that the first issue would be published in November, around the time Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, the third game in the Uncharted series, was released.[1] The miniseries follows a monthly format, with the first issue being published on November 30, 2011,[9] the second issue being published on December 28,[10], the third issue being released on January 25, 2012.[11] and the fourth issue being released on February 29.[12] The fifth issue will be released on March 28,[13] and the sixth issue is due for release on April 25.[14]

Early reception to the comic was positive. In its review of Uncharted #1, ComicBookMovie said that "comic is remarkably true to the game", praising the comic's "dead on accurate" dialogue, immersive storyline, and writer Joshua Williamson's scripting of the comic.[15] Gaming website IGN awarded Uncharted #1 a 7.5/10 rating, classifying it as "Good",[16] while comic blog Talking Comics said the comic's "storytelling is brisk and fun" and giving it a verdict of "Buy It".[17]

As the series progressed, reviews to the comic miniseries became less positive. IGN rated Uncharted #3 7.0/10, classifying it as "Good"; however, the review pointed out that the comic was a "hard recommendation", due to how it "doesn't offer much for new readers".[18] In his review of Uncharted #4, Erik Norris of IGN reported that the comic didn't "enthrall" him, and concluded by giving it a 6.5/10 rating, describing the comic as "Okay".[19]

[edit] References

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