Victor Sullivan

Victor "Sully" Sullivan
Victor Sullivan in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
Gender Male
Born July 15, 1951 (age 66)
Nationality American
Relatives Jadranka "Jada" Hzujak (goddaughter)
Aliases David Farzan
Status Alive
Appearances Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Uncharted: Eye of Indra
Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Uncharted (comic)
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Voice actor Richard McGonagle

Victor "Sully" Sullivan, voiced by Richard McGonagle, is a major protagonist in the Uncharted series. Sully is an explorer and antique-dealer who acts as a father-figure and mentor to treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake.

Sully first appears in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, aiding Nate on his search for the fabled treasure of El Dorado. Sully returns in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, accompanying Nate as he searches for the remains of Marco Polo's Lost Fleet. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception follows Sully and Nate as they make their way to the Arabian Peninsula in search of the lost city Iram of the Pillars.

Sully also appears in the Uncharted: Eye of Indra motion comic, the Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth novel and the Uncharted comic miniseries.


[edit] Biography

Little is known about Victor "Sully" Sullivan's life outside of the Uncharted series. He is a good friend of the Hzujak family, and is the godfather of Luka's daughter Jadranka or "Jada". Sully is a treasure-hunter, explorer and antique-dealer who acts as a mentor and father-figure to fellow treasure-hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake.[1] Sully also introduced Nate's friend Jason Dante to treasure-hunting,[2] and was at one time in the Navy.[3]

In October 1991, Sully first meets Nate on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia. Nate is preparing to steal legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake's ring from a Cartagena museum, when he sees Sully acting suspiciously around the ring's display case. Nate follows Sully for a short time and witnesses Sully have a key made for the display case. Sully then meets up with Katherine Marlowe, who has hired him to steal the ring; as Sully and Marlowe stop at a roadside cafe, Nate sneaks up behind Sully and pickpockets his wallet, which contains the key. Nate makes his exit, although Sully catches up to him, and after saying that Nate has potential, orders Nate to give him his wallet back; Nate obliges, although he keeps the key for himself.[3]

Sully and Nate in Cartagena.

Later, Sully, Marlowe and Marlowe's agents come across Nate in the museum moments after he has stolen Drake's ring and the accompanying astrolabe. Marlowe snatches the astrolabe and then slaps Nate when he doesn't give her the ring, although Sully then stops Marlowe from slapping Nate a second time, which gives Nate the chance to escape. Marlowe's agents pursue Nate over the Cartagena rooftops, but Sully helps Nate by subduing the agents and saves Nate when he is cornered by the final agent. Sully takes Nate to a tavern, where he introduces himself and says he is willing to teach Nate a few things about the business. Nate eventually introduces himself and reaches across to shake Sully's hand, before Sully says he sees great things in their future.[3]

[edit] Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth

In October 2003, Sully's good friend Luka is found murdered in Manhattan. Luka's daughter Jadranka, more commonly known as "Jada", hides out in the apartment of one of her college friends as Sully contacts Nate, who has just arrived back in America after a job in Ecuador. Sully meets up with Nate, before taking him to the crime scene in Grand Central Station and then showing him to the apartment where Jada is hiding out. There, Jada reveals she has been looking over Luka's works and has discovered he was researching labyrinths with his wife Olivia and Tyr Henriksen, a Norwegian businessman and the CEO of weapons manufacturing company Phoenix Industries. Sully, Nate and Jada decide to visit Dr. Maynard Cheney, an employee at the Museum of Natural History and one of Luka's peers.[4]

Arriving at the Museum, Sully, Nate and Jada are greeted by Gretchen Welch, a graduate student working below Dr. Cheney. Welch begins leading them through Dr. Cheney's recent exhibit, entitled "Labyrinths of the Ancient World", but a ruckus is then heard from Dr. Cheney's office. Nate rushes ahead to the office, only to find Dr. Cheney dying, having been attacked by a mystery assailant moments earlier. As Nate and Jada give chase to the assailant, Sully stays and comforts Gretchen, who confides in him the research being carried out by Dr. Cheney and Luka. When Nate and Jada returns to the office, Gretchen reveals that her brother is a manager at the excavation site of the labyrinth of Sobek in Crocodilopolis, Egypt. Sully, Nate and Jada are able to persuade Gretchen to get her brother to get them access to the labyrinth excavation site, before leaving before the police can arrive.[4]

Before leaving for Egypt, Sully, Jada and Nate make their way to Luka's apartment. However, they find the apartment on fire and are attacked by a group of gunmen in an SUV while there. They are able to escape the scene in a taxi, before Jada decides she wishes to visit her stepmother Olivia at Phoenix Industries. However, Olivia's assistant informs Jada that Olivia is currently away on business, so the group steal a boat and make their way up the East Cost of America, before flying from Montreal to Egypt.[4]

Shortly after their arrival in Egypt, Sully, Nate and Jada have dinner with Ian Welch, Gretchen's brother and the manager at the excavation site of the labyrinth of Sobek. During dinner, Welch informs the visitors of the work being carried out at the excavation site. However, when the deaths of Luka and Dr. Cheney are mentioned, Welch becomes nervous and leaves abruptly. Shortly afterwards, Olivia enters the restaurant, grieving over the death of Luka. However, Jada sees this as an act and leaves angrily. As Nate gives chase to Jada, Sully remains in the restaurant with Olivia. Moments later, shots are heard from outside the restaurant and Sully and Olivia rush out to find Nate engaged in a gunfight with a gang of thugs attempting to abduct Jada. Sully aids Nate in battling the thugs for some time, before a group of hooded assailants appear and kill the thugs. These hooded assassins are later revealed as being the Protectors of the Hidden Word, a secret society set up to protect the mysteries of the labyrinths being investigated by Luka and his peers.[4]

The following day, Welch shows Sully, Nate and Jada around the excavation site of labyrinth of Sobek. Welch escorts the visitors to the heart of the labyrinth, where Nate discovers a hidden passage beneath the labyrinth's anteroom. The hidden passage reveals that a third labyrinth created by legendary Greek craftsmen Daedalus exists on the Greek archipelago Thera, also known as Santorini. However, shortly after this discovery the group are attacked by the Protectors of the Hidden Word, who abduct Welch and drag him into the darkness. As Sully, Nate and Jada make their escape from the labyrinth they are met by Olivia and Tyr Henriksen, who has recently purchased the company in charge of the excavation.[4]

Sully, Nate and Jada make their way to Thera, and as Nate and Jada enjoy a stroll on the waterfront, Sully makes the acquaintance of a British woman named Gwen. The following day, Sully, Nate and Jada make their way to the labyrinth of Poseidon. However, as they progress to the centre of the labyrinth they are attacked by the Protectors of the Hidden Word, who abduct Sully and drag him into the darkness. The Protectors take Sully to "Diyu", the mythical fourth labyrinth and what is considered to be Hell in Chinese mythology.[4]

In Diyu, Sully, along with Ian Welch, consumes a concoction that contains the white hellebore flower. Sully and Welch are brainwashed by the concoction, and when Nate and Jada enter the labyrinth with Henriksen, Sully and Welch are among a group of Protectors that attack them. Henriksen shoots and kills Welch, but Nate is able to stop him from shooting Sully too. The brainwashed Sully then engages Nate in a fight, although Nate is able to subdue Sully. An unconscious Sully is carried by Nate to the treasure vault, where the group are attacked by the final Protectors and the Mistress of the Labyrinth. Olivia then arrives with the final member of her group of mercenaries, Suarez. The Mistress is able to kill Henriksen, although Suarez then kills her. With all of the Protectors dead, Olivia gorges herself in the treasure. However, this sets off a trap that floods the treasure vault. Sully, Nate, Jada and Suarez are able to escape, although Olivia is dragged beneath the water by the "Minotaur", and Suarez dies moments after escaping.[4]

Five days later, Sully attends Luka's funeral with Nate. There, Jada thanks Sully and Nate for their help and states that she considers them to be her family. Sully and Nate reply that they'll always be around, but then Sully informs Nate of a job that has come up in Peru. Nate is initially reluctant, but soon agrees to join Sully on the job.[4]

[edit] Uncharted: Eye of Indra

Sully in Eye of Indra.

In June 2006,[5] Sully meets Nate at a beach bar. Three days previously, Nate had been double-crossed by a girl named Rika, the sister of Nate's old acquaintance Eddy Raja. Nate, Rika and Eddy had infiltrated crimelord Daniel Pinkerton's mansion and stolen the Eye of Indra artefact from him. However, following this, Rika had turned on Nate and Eddy and left alone with the amulet.[6]

Sully chastises Nate for working alongside the Rajas, before enquiring as how Nate believes he is going to raise the funds necessary to raise the coffin of Francis Drake, Nate's supposed ancestor. Nate seems largely indifferent to the result of the heist, revealing he has arranged a meeting with a journalist named Elena Fisher about her cable television show funding the expedition. Sully laughs, believing that Elena and her television show are not going to aid Nate.[6]

[edit] Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Sully in Drake's Fortune.

In September 2006,[5] Sully uses his plane to save Nate and Elena from pirates attacking on behalf of Eddy Raja, and from there accompanies Nate to the temple of the fabled El Dorado. Although there is no treasure left in the temple, there is a trail that leads to the two of them to an abandoned German U-Boat. Nate explores the boat while Sully remains outside, and when Nate returns to Sully it is revealed that Sully has let rival treasure-hunter Gabriel Roman aware of the treasure of El Dorado, as Sully owes Roman a large amount of money. Nate and Sully are held at gunpoint by Roman, his right-hand man Atoq Navarro and several of Navarro's mercenaries and the duo are forced to relinquish any information they have on the subject of El Dorado's treasure. Roman then shoots Sully and attempts to shoot Nate too, but an explosion allows Nate to escape.[7]

Sully is presumed dead and Nate mourns his dead friend. However, as Nate and Elena pursue Roman to the island that is said to harbour El Dorado's treasure it becomes apparent that Sully is still alive. Nate and Elena are initially suspicious of Sully, believing him to be working with Roman, but Sully then reveals he was saved by Francis Drake's journal, which was in his breast pocket. Furthermore, Sully maintains that he knows where the treasure is and has been purposely misleading Roman and his men. From there, the three begin the search for the treasure, and although they frequently get separated, Sully is on hand to help Nate when Elena is kidnapped by Navarro and his men. Sully helps Nate fight through waves of Navarro's mercenaries and also helps Nate fend off the Descendants - the mutated remains of the island's previous inhabitants - which allows Nate to go on, kill Navarro, and rescue Elena. While Nate is doing this, Sully discovers a boat is laden with treasure, belonging to Eddy's now-deceased pirates. After Sully has been reunited with Nate and Elena, he reveals the treasure to them, much to their delight.[7]

[edit] Uncharted (comic)

Set before Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the six-issue Uncharted comic miniseries follows Sully and Nate as they use clues from the works of legendary explorer Richard Byrd in an attempt to find the mythical Amber Room.[8]

[edit] Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Sully in Uncharted 2.

In November 2008, Sully and Australian explorer Chloe Frazer bail Nate out of a Turkish prison. Nate ended up in the prison when he was betrayed by Harry Flynn while the two of them were pulling off a heist for Serbian war criminal Zoran Lazarević. The artefact that Nate and Flynn recover apparently leads to the last resting place of Marco Polo's Lost Fleet: Borneo. Sully hatches a plan with Nate and Chloe, who is acting as a double-agent, to infiltrate Lazarević's base of operations in Borneo and steal his information.[5]

Chloe arms a number of explosive charges around Lazarević's camp, which Sully and Nate blow up as a diversion. Nate then enters the camp as Sully covers him with a sniper rifle. Searching through Lazarević's notes, it becomes apparent to Nate that Marco Polo's Lost Fleet may hold the secret of the location of the mythical Shambhala, a place that is said to hold the Cintamani Stone; a giant sapphire that Sully estimates could be worth millions of dollars. Sully and Nate meet up with Chloe after dispatching a number of Lazarević’s men, and the three uncover a temple that houses a map stating the next clue to the entrance to Shambhala is in Nepal, as well as the Phurba dagger, which is said to be the key to Shambhala. However, Flynn and some of Lazarević's men catch up with the trio, and Chloe is forced to turn her gun on Nate in order to maintain her cover. When Flynn leaves, Chloe allows Nate and Sully to escape, but when the two of them are forced to jump hundreds of feet from a cliff into a river to escape from Lazarević's men, Sully decides he is getting too old for this lifestyle, and tells Nate that he's heading somewhere warm while Nate and Chloe head to Nepal.[5]

Sully later appears after Nate's expedition into Shambhala. Sully helps an injured Elena begin her recovery, before confirming with Nate that the Cintamani Stone is actually not a large sapphire as expected, but rather the resin that forms part of the sap of the Tree of Life. After Nate has confirmed that there is no money to be had from the Stone, Sully walks away, leaving Nate and Elena on their own.[5]

[edit] Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Sully in Uncharted 3.

In a public house in London called "The Pelican Inn", Sully and Nate meet with a Talbot in order to discuss a deal regarding Francis Drake's ring. Talbot's client is offering a large sum of money, but the deal turns sour when Sully informs Nate that the money is fake. Nate snatches his ring back and Talbot leaves after telling thug Charlie Cutter and a gang of hired thugs to attack Sully and Nate. Together, Sully and Nate are able to defeat the thugs, although as they as they escape into the alley behind The Pelican Inn, they are beaten by Cutter and additional thugs. Talbot then reappears, along with his client: Katherine Marlowe. After berating both Sully and Nate, Marlowe takes Drake's ring from around Nate's neck. When Nate stands up to retrieve the ring, Cutter shoots both him and Sully.[3]

After Marlowe and Talbot leave, Cutter shows his true colours by helping Sully up, as he is actually a double-agent who was only alleging to be helping Marlowe and Talbot. Sully, Nate and Cutter then meet up with Chloe, before they make their way into Marlowe's hideout, which they only discover after imitating the presence of an automobile. As Sully, Nate and Cutter make their way into the underground tunnels below London, Chloe turns back in case a quick escape from the hideout is needed. In the hideout, Sully, Nate and Cutter defeat several patrols of Marlowe's agents, before coming to Marlowe's secret library, where they hear a conversation between Marlowe and Talbot. After Marlowe realises they have been deceived into take a fake version of Drake's ring, she, Talbot and her agents set out to search for the intruders, which gives Sully, Nate and Cutter the chance to drop down into the library and take Marlowe's notes, although their presence is soon detected. After battling their way out of the hideout, they are picked up by Chloe and regroup at Cutter's London apartment, where Nate deducts from the notes that Drake once searched for the lost city Iram of the Pillars. Furthermore, the notes say where the next clues to the location of Iram are held; as Cutter and Chloe head to Syria, Sully and Nate make their way to France.[3]

Sully and Nate in France.

At the chateau in Eastern France, Sully and Nate are searching for the tomb where the next clue to the location of Iram is said to be, when Talbot arrives with a small army of agents and thugs. Sully and Nate are briefly separated and Sully is left to battle a number of agents and thugs on his own. However, Sully and Nate are soon reunited and defeat their enemies, before coming to the tomb that contains one-half of the amulet that gives the location of Iram. However, moments after retrieving the amulet and noting down its markings, Sully and Nate are confronted by Talbot and two agents. An agent takes the amulet from Nate, before poisonous spiders swarm the tomb and kill the agent. Talbot and the remaining agent leave the tomb with the amulet, leaving Sully and Nate trapped. Although Sully and Nate are able to able to escape the tomb, they find the chateau burning after Talbot has ordered the remaining agents and thugs to set fire to the building. Sully and Nate defeat a number of enemies as they make their escape; afterwards Sully chastises Nate for being reckless, before Nate suggests that Cutter and Chloe may have been followed to Syria like Nate and Sully were followed to France.[3]

The following night, Sully and Nate arrive at the Syrian fortress, and after subduing several patrols of Marlowe's agents, come across an unharmed Cutter and Chloe. Together they begin their search for the tomb that contains the second half of the amulet that gives the location of Iram, although they soon come under fire from agents wielding RPG-7s. While under fire, Sully and Chloe become separated from Cutter and Nate, who then go on to find the entrance to the crypt. Sully aids Nate and Cutter by using an RPG to defeat some of the agents that have them trapped, before Sully and Chloe are reunited with Nate and Cutter. However, shortly before the group enter the crypt Cutter is drugged by Talbot, before he dissapears. The group then make their way into the crypt, and when Cutter turns on Nate and begins choking him, Sully points a gun at him. However, Chloe is able to bring Cutter back to the reality and the group continue on to the centre of the crypt, where they retrieve the amulet after completing a puzzle involving a rotatable globe and a series of flammable braziers.[3]

After retrieving the amulet, the group hear the voices of Marlowe's agents and make their exit, although as they escape they come across Talbot and three agents. Sully and his allies have a standoff with Talbot and the agents, before it seems Cutter is coming under the influence of the drug again. Sully, Chloe and Nate are forced to drop their weapons when Cutter turns his gun on the latter, before Cutter shoots Talbot and the agents, revealing he was only acting as though he was under the influence of the drug. The group make their exit, although as they escape Cutter is stranded on a rooftop, where Marlowe and Talbot catch up to him. With Sully, Nate and Chloe watching on, Marlowe sets fire to the rooftop, and Cutter jumps off the roof to safety. Cutter survives the fall but breaks his leg, and Sully must carry him past a number of Marlowe's agents to the exit of the fortress, where the group steal a tour bus. On the bus Chloe questions Nate's motives for his current quest, before Sully agrees to accompany Nate to Yemen, where the next clue to the location of Iram is said to be. Furthermore, Sully says he knows how to contact in order to get access to the country; Nate is initially reluctant, but eventually tells Sully to make the call.[3]

Sully memories Iram's location.

In Yemen, Sully and Nate meet up with Elena, who is now a foreign correspondent working in the country. Elena leads Sully and Nate through the Yemeni city for some time, before Nate spots Talbot and tracks him through the city, leaving Sully and Elena behind. Sully and Elena later catch up to Nate after he has battled a number of Marlowe's agents in the city's market, with the fight attracting the attention of the local authorities. While evading the police, Sully, Nate and Elena come across a building containing a well, which is coincidentally where the next clue to the location of Iram is held. Sully buys a Sawed-Off Shotgun for himself and Elena, before the trio descend into the well, which opens up into a series of underground puzzles. Sully and Elena aid Nate in solving the puzzles, which brings them to a room containing a flammable brazier. When lit, the brazier reveals the location of Iram; Sully remembers the coordinates due to Nate not wanting to write them down. As the trio make their exit from the well, they are attacked by a number of agents; although they are able to defeat these agents, on the Yemeni city's streets Nate is shot with a dart containing Talbot's hallucinogenic agent. Nate rushes off in a hallucinogenic state, and is soon captured by Marlowe and Talbot.[3]

When Marlowe and Talbot realise that Nate doesn't know the location to Iram, Marlowe's agents capture Sully too. While Nate is abducted by Rameses and his Indian Ocean pirates, Sully is taken hostage on Marlowe's caravan, which is heading across the Rub' al Khali desert. Eventually, Sully is saved from the caravan by Nate and the Bedouin riders, who are led by their Sheikh Salim. Sully is grateful to Salim for saving him, but Salim insists they must continue on to Iram in order to stop Marlowe; however, Nate and Sully become separated from Salim and the Bedouin during a sandstorm and must continue into Iram alone. After defeating a number of agents guarding the entrance to the city, Sully and Nate complete a puzzle containing two large statues and make their way into Iram. There, Sully and Nate come across a fountain which Nate drinks from; Sully washes his hair in the fountain, before noting the solar eclipse occurring above Iram. After remarking to Nate that the eclipse "is a hell of a thing", Sully is shot and killed by Talbot.[3]

Sully is shot by Talbot in Iram.

However, this proves to be just a part of Nate's hallucination after drinking the water; Sully is actually alive and well and later aids Nate by killing several agents using an RPG. After Sully and Nate have been reunited, they make their way to a pool in the depths of Iram, where Marlowe is attempting to raise a brass vessel containing the spirits of the Djinn; demons born of smokeless fire. Sully and Nate split up in an attempt to stop Marlowe, although Sully is then attacked and knocked in the pool by Talbot. Nate jumps into the pool to save Sully and uses a flare gun to destroy the crane retrieving the brass vessel, although the shots fired by Nate almost damages the Iram's infrastructure and causes the city to begin crumbling into a sinkhole. Sully and Nate defeat a number of agents as they escape from the city, before they come across Marlowe and Talbot. Talbot draws his gun on Sully and Nate, although Marlowe is soon sucked into the sinkhole, despite Nate's attempt to save her. As Sully and Nate continue on to the exit of Iram, Nate is attacked by Talbot; Talbot attempts to kill Nate with a knife, although Sully shoots Talbot in the arm. The platform they are on then shifts, causing Sully's gun to fall off the side, although Nate is able to grab it before it drops. Talbot then begins beating Sully, and as he prepares to drop a rock on his head, Nate shoots him several times, causing Talbot to fall off the platform to his death. Sully and Nate then escape from the crumbling city as Salim rides in on horseback to save them.[3]

Sometime later, Sully and Nate are at the Yemeni airport preparing the leave the country when Sully stops and explains his decision for helping Nate in Cartagena 20 years earlier. Sully hands Nate his ring from his engagement with Elena, before revealing that she will be flying home with them. As the trio make their way across the airfield, Sully then reveals their flight home: a plane similar to the one destroyed by Nate and Elena four years earlier.[3]

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Behind the scenes

Concept art of Sully.

Victor "Sully" Sullivan first appears in the 2007 video game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and has since gone to appear in a number of instalments in the Uncharted franchise. In all of his appearances, Sully is voiced by American actor Richard McGonagle,[9][10][11][12] who is perhaps best known for his work in the Ben 10 media franchise and his narration of the 2009 romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer.[13] McGonagle has spoken of how he has portrayed Sully in the series; drawing likenesses between himself and the character he voices. Furthermore, McGonagle has gone on to describe how much fun it is working with the rest of the voice actors and how easily he manages to get on with the development team.[14]

[edit] Reception

Reception Sully has largely been positive. A review of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on gaming website IGN called Sully "loveable".[15] Sully went largely unmentioned in reviews for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves due to his relatively small appearance in the game, but an editorial on IGN praised the voice acting of McGonagle and Nolan North, voice of Nathan "Nate" Drake in the Uncharted series, saying that the chemistry between the actors was so good that audiences would be led to believe the two characters actually have a history of adventures together.[16] In reviews for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, IGN said that fans "love the banter between Drake and Sully",[17] while The Guardian added that the banter between the two "compares favourably with that of the best-buddy movies".[18]

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