Yemen's main courtyard.

Yemen is a map included in the multiplayer component of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


[edit] Description

Yemen seems to be based around a small market town, with houses and market stalls spread around the map. The focal point of the map is a large courtyard, which is overlooked by two large towers that offer vantage points and possible sniping positions. These towers both contain a zipline that leads to balconies that overlook the courtyard. Furthermore, several rooftops overlook the courtyard; one which has a turret gun on top of it that is available for use.[1]

[edit] Weapons

  • There are two T-Bolt Snipers on the map; one is located in each of the two balconies that overlook the courtyard.
  • A M32-Hammer is situated on the upper part of the courtyard, leaning against the outside wall of the central building's roof.
  • An RPG-7 is positioned in the lower part of the courtyard, propped up against some crates that are beneath the central building's windows.
  • A Riot Shield is located at the end of the passageway that leads away from the central building.

[edit] Behind the scenes

Yemen was one of the first maps revealed as being in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception multiplayer. It was the third map released during the multiplayer's beta phase, after Airstrip and Chateau.[1]

[edit] References

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