Zoran Lazarević

Zoran Lazarević
Zoran Lazarević in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
Gender Male
Born January 11, 1963
Nationality Serbian
Died February 5, 2009
Appearances Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Voice actor Graham McTavish

Zoran Lazarević, voiced by Graham McTavish, is the primary antagonist in the 2009 video game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

In the game, Lazarević is a Serbian war criminal who is searching for the wish-fulfilling Cintamani Stone, which is said to be hidden in the lost city of Shambhala. Along with his private army, Lazarević makes his way through Borneo, Nepal and Tibet in search of the legendary city.

Lazarević also makes a non-canonical appearance in the multiplayer component of the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


[edit] Biography

Zoran Lazarević is a Serbian war criminal, warlord and arms dealer. A former Serbian intelligence officer, Lazarević was for some time hunted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (or NATO) for crimes such as torture, mutilation and mass executions. However, when Lazarević was caught up in a bombing raid, he was believed to be dead by NATO and the search for him was called off; Lazarević in fact survived the bombing raid, although he would always bear the scars inflicted on him by the bombing. Lazarević's weapon of choice is a variation of a Sawed-Off Shotgun.[1]

[edit] Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

In August 2008, Lazarević approaches explorer Harry Flynn with a job: Flynn must infiltrate a Turkish museum and steal an artefact that may hold a clue to the final resting place of Marco Polo's Lost Fleet. Flynn carries out the heist with his associates Chloe Frazer and Nathan "Nate" Drake, although Flynn turns on the latter and leaves him to be arrested by the Turkish authorities.[1]

Lazarević is correct, as the artefact contains a map that hints at the Lost Fleet being in Borneo, so Lazarević takes his private army to the jungle in Borneo to search for the ships in the Fleet. After three months of searching, Lazarević uncovers nothing, and the camp is then infiltrated by Nate and his friend Victor "Sully" Sullivan, who are aided by Chloe serving as a double-agent. Nate, Sully and Chloe are able to decipher the journals in Lazarević's camp and search the hills near the camp to find the Phurba, the apparent key to Shambhala (a lost city said to hold the wish-fulfilling Cintamani Stone), and a map that leads to Nepal. After Flynn catches up to Nate, Sully and Chloe and takes the map from them, he then passes the map onto Lazarević.[1]

Lazarević kills Jeff in Nepal.

Lazarević makes his way to a Nepali city along with his soldiers and Flynn, where they push an already unstable city into civil war. A band of Nepali resistance fighters attempt to oppose Lazarević's forces, but their efforts prove fruitless as they are easily defeated by Lazarević's soldiers, who are also able to track Nate, Chloe and their new allies Elena Fisher and Jeff to a temple where the next clue to the location of Shambhala is said to be. Elena and Jeff are left outside the temple on sentry duty, and they are ambushed by Lazarević's soldiers; Jeff is wounded in the attack, and this slows they group down considerably as they attempt to escape from Lazarević's soldiers. Lazarević, his right-hand man Lieutenant Draza and Flynn are able to catch up to Nate and his allies, where Lazarević removes the Phurba dagger and map to Shambhala from Nate, before executing Jeff and leaving Flynn to kill Nate and Elena; although they are able to escape.[1]

From the map taken from Nate, Lazarević sees that Shambhala lies somewhere in the Himayalan Mountains, and boards a train headed to the Himalayas. Nate later boards the train, and although he is able to defeat Draza and reclaim the Phurba, he is caught up in an explosion that sends half of the train over the Himalayan mountains. Lazarević orders his men to search for Nate and kill him, although Nate is able to defeat these soldiers and is then rescued and brought to a Tibetan village by mountaineer Tenzin, where he meets - and gives the Phurba to - former Nazi Karl Schäfer. While Nate and Tenzin search the nearby Himalayan Mountains, Lazarević launches a siege on the village. Although Nate, Tenzin and the Tibetan villagers are able to repel Lazarević's forces, Lazarević is still able to take Schäfer and the Phurba to the nearby monastery where the entrance to Shambhala is said to be.[1]

At the monastery, Lazarević locks Schafer in a tower, where he later dies. Lazarević begins searching the monastery for the entrance to Shambhala, although it is only revealed when Nate and Elena later arrive at the monastery and begin searching for the entrance. Lazarević and his forces catch up to Nate and Elena after they locate the entrance to Shambhala, where Lazarević reveals that he knows of Chloe's deception. Threatening to kill either Elena or Chloe, Lazarević forces to Nate to open the gate to Shambhala with Flynn. Nate and Flynn are able to open the gate, although they then come under attack from Guardians disguised as yetis. Lazarević kills the Guardians using his shotgun, before revealing the Guardians' true form under their suits. With his soldiers holding Nate and his allies at gunpoint, Lazarević advances into the lost city of Shambhala, where he orders Nate and Elena to be executed. However, before his men are able to carry out the order they are attacked by more Guardians, which gives Nate and his allies the chance to escape. Lazarević and his men are able to defeat the beasts, advancing into Shambhala; discovering that the Cintamani Stone is not an actual jewel, but rather a large resin amber embedded in the Tree of Life.[1]

Lazarević in Shambhala.

Shortly after this, Flynn is wounded - either by Lazarević or the Guardians - and Lazarević orders him to perform one final task: kill Nate and his allies using a grenade. The grenade kills Flynn and severely injures Elena, and as Chloe carries Elena to safety out of Shambhala, Nate confronts Lazarević at the Tree of Life. Lazarević drinks from the lake of resin and begins feeling the effects immediately, as the scars on his body are healed. Lazarević and Nate then begin their showdown around the Tree of Life, and ultimately Nate takes the advantage as he causes the resin surrounding Lazarević to explode. As Nate stands above a defeated Lazarević with a gun in his hand, Lazarević taunts him for not being able to kill him; although Nate does not have the disposition to kill the unarmed Lazarević, the war criminal is killed when a group of Guardians swarm him and begin beating him to death.[1]

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Behind the scenes

Zoran Lazarević first appears in the 2009 video game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and later returns in the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. In all of his appearances, Lazarević is voiced by Graham McTavish,[2][3] a Scottish actor perhaps best known for his role in the two-part fantasy epic The Hobbit.[4] In the Uncharted series, McTavish also voices protagonist Charlie Cutter,[3] and initially auditioned for the role of antagonist Harry Flynn in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves; however McTavish was ultimately cast as Lazarević, while the role of Flynn was given to English actor Steve Valentine.[5] In the multiplayer component of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Lazarević features prominently in the non-canonical Co-op Adventure online gameplay mode; the Prelude - Fort - follows Lazarević, Flynn and Eddy Raja, while the final chapter Airport positions them as the antagonists, as they battle Nathan "Nate" Drake, Victor "Sully" Sullivan and Charlie Cutter.

[edit] Reception

Reception to Lazarević has largely been positive, with reviews suggesting that he is a suitably evil villain. In its review of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, The Telegraph called Lazarević "despotic" and a "suitably nasty piece of work".[6]

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